Paul Hobbs Winery

Jul 16, 2015

Sonoma bad-boy vineyard converter and winery developer Paul Hobbs now wants to establish himself in Napa. This winery will be on 80 acres at 2181 Imola Ave in Coombsville to be built in 2 phases. Combined capacity: 60,000 gal/yr; bldg area: 16,500 sf; visitation: 11,200 visitors/yr; 5-7 employees; hours: 7am to 10pm

Neg Dec Notice
Courtesy Notice
Initial Applicaion
Project Description
Initial Engineering Report
Site Photos

SRPD: Paul Hobbs winery says it will pay $100,000 to Sonoma County in settlement
WS 8/15/14: Sonoma sues winemaker Paul Hobbs
SRPD: Judge dismisses legal challenge to Paul Hobbs vineyard project
Shepherd Bliss: Winemaker Paul Hobbs, repeat offender, violates agreements again
Facebook: Boycott Paul Hobbs Wines
NB Business Journal: Vineyard CEQA suit looms large


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Paul Hobbs at the Planning Commission

Bill Hocker - Oct 3, 2017 3:39PM  Share #1580

Update 10/4/17
The Paul Hobbs Winery was approved 4-0 (Scott absent), the 10th new winery approved this year.

Some neighbors mentioned the lights and noises and smells of the vineyard operations next door in voicing their concerns about the potential new winery. Chair Gill along with the usual hammering she gives opponents over the 3 minute rule, felt compelled to read out the "Right to Farm" ordinance in response.

She didn't quite get into the "definition of agriculture" reference in the ordinance, which contains the new sub-sub inclusion that is at the heart of all of the community resistance to winery development (and to much of the other development happening in the county): "H2. Marketing, sales, and other accessory uses that are related, incidental and subordinate to the main agricultural processing use." ("Incidental and subordinate" applies only to square footage, not to economic or environmental impact.)

While the industry and the county have succeeded in defining tourism as agriculture in this modest phrase, few neighbors of proposed projects, who must live with the daily and nightly tourism events and traffic streams of visitors into their community, see restaurant and party activity as an agricultural process. Calling attention to the intermittent impacts of an agricultural economy that they have lived with for years without compliant is just one way to express fear about similar impacts from a tourism economy that will now be a daily occurrence. The county, ever ready to promote more tourism and the speculative interests of a few good-life entrepreneurs at the expense of the county's residents, is unwilling to see a difference.

Another Planning Commission meeting, another winery or
two added to the inventory of event centers catering to an ever increasing tourist population. The Planning Commission has currently approved 9 new wineries this year and 13 major modifications of existing wineries to expand their tourism capacity.

I began a Paul Hobbs page some time ago. Given the controversy that the developer has caused in Sonoma through his less than stellar business practices it seemed like there might be some significant pushback in bringing those practices to Napa. We'll see.

Paul Hobbs comes to Napa

Bill Hocker - Jul 17, 2015 5:08PM  Share #908

Sonoma bad-boy vineyard converter and winery developer Paul Hobbs now wants to establish himself in Napa. A courtesy notice of his use permit submission has just be sent out.

He has run afoul of Sonoma prosecutors for his high handed operational style. From the Sonoma Press Democrat:

Paul Hobbs winery says it will pay $100,000 to Sonoma County in settlement

A Sonoma Supervisor is quoted as saying Hobbs

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