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I now longer update this page given the difficulty in tracking ECP projects. Sufficient to note that there are hundreds of acres of vineyard conversions, most in the watersheds, being reviewed by the planning depart durning any one year.


The County's ECP list as of 1/23/19 is here
The County's projects-under-review page is here

Erosion Control Plan (ECP) List
Applications under reveiw in the planning department over the last few years. Click on the date to link to available information. Click on the location to show Google map.

submit date Project name Acres Location Status
Dec 15,14Alko Ranch12.505270 Chiles Pope Valley Rd
Dec 17,14Altura Partners3.104110 Atlas Peak Rd, Napa
Mar 15,16Antica Vineyard53.50Soda Canyon Rd Napa
Oct 22,14Bloodlines Wines108.503149 Soda Canyon Rd Napa
Dec 5,14Caccamese Leslie8.202841 atlas Peak Road
Nov 10,14Chavarria Guadalupe8.601201 Yount Mill Rd, Napa
Oct 23,13Davis Estates5.204060 SILVERADO TRL Calistoga
Dec 2,14Dirk Fulton17.30263 Petrified Forest Rd, Calistoga
Dec 8,14Faniani Vineyards1.804094 E Third Ave
Mar 8,18Fantesca Estate Vineyard1.502920 Spring Mtn Rd St Helena
Apr 15,15Far Niente - Berlenbach16.801100 Barrow Ln napa
Feb 21,14Frostfire Vineyards14.00Lommell Rd Calistoga
Dec 19,14G Wine LLC2.41Linda Falls Terr Angwin
Mar 4,15Gary Raugh0.51 7830 Silverado Trail Napa
Nov 21,14Glasshaus Vineyards8.203576 Monticello Rd, Napa
Dec 19,15Gros Vineyard5.50 2843 Atlas Peak Rd, Napa
Mar 11,10Havenner Arthur25.603207 Soda Canyon Rd, Napa
Dec 19,18Heiser West Lane Vineyard4.40340 West Lane, Angwin
Nov 24,15Hendrickson Vineyards28.40Soda Canyon Rd Napa
Jun 19,18Hennessy Ridge Vineyard18.60100 Hennessy Ridge Rd, St Helena
Dec 20,18Hess Presson Vineyard22.002847 Atlas Peak Road, Napa
Feb 28,18Kenzo Estate Vineyard15.203650 Monticello Rd Napa
Dec 15,17KJS Sorento Investments157.003370 Sage Canyon Rd St Helena
Mar 6,14Kongsgaard Wine24.304308-4312 Atlas Peak Rd
Jul 21,17Laird Vineyards Jameson99.00200 Kirkland Ranch Rd Am Can
Mar 7,16Lazy Susan Ranch 16.85263 Petrified Forest Rd Calistoga
Dec 19,14Le Colline/Cold Springs, LLC34.90300 Cold Springs Rd, Angwin
Jan 13,15LP Ciminelli vineyard18.701260 Summit Lake Dr
Jul 30,19Metamorphosis/Ovid39.00255 Long Ranch Rd, St. Helena
Feb 24,15Midoriya Hills Vineyard1.001159 Green Valley Rd
Oct 31,19Oakville Farms7.707810 Silverado Tr Napa
Jan 18,18P&M Vineyard19.001300 Mt Veeder Rd, Napa
May 29,13Peju-Persephone Ranch100.005814 Chiles Pope Valley Rd
Nov 5,14Quantum Limit21.6025 Quail Ridge Ln, Napa
Dec 23,14Rockledge Vineyards2.90360 Taplin Rd, St Helena
Mar 16,15Rudd Vineyards3.004630 Trinity Rd Glen Ellen
Apr 13,15Silvarado Suscol10.90 300 Soscol Creek Rd
Dec 20,18Stagecoach North116.00Soda Canyon Rd Napa
Oct 9,15Stagecoach vineyards116.30Soda Canyon Rd Napa
Nov 30,16Sugarloaf West Vineyard9.80140 Anderson Rd Napa
Dec 12,14Theorem Vineyards15.90255 Petrified Forest, Calistoga
Feb 3,17Tower Snow Vineyard10.00177 Ridge Drive Napa
Jan 3,19Tuck Beckstoffer21.002210 Soda Canyon Rd
Dec 31,07Upper Range Vineyard161.008300 Silverado Trail
Oct 6,17Vangone Vineyards8.70 3247 Soda Canyon Rd Napa
Jun 20,11Walt Ranch208.00Montecello Rd

Map and table of wineries approved and under review in the county is here
Map and table of all development projects happening in the county is here

Below is an inset with the county's slick new mapping system for ECP's. If blue splash screen is showing click "OK" to view map.The actual county website page is here