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The issues raised by the Mountain Peak Project represent one instance of a development tsunami happening across the County; these impacts are not just happening to we NIMBY's on Soda Canyon Road. Public opinion is just as important as the lawyers and consultants that residents must hire in their defense. You are encouraged to voice your concerns to the media and our government officials.

Letters to the Editor

There are many development projects in the County's pipeline. Responding to them with letters to the editor is a cathartic and sometimes effective way to deal with the fears in our own neighborhood.

Letters to the editor may be sent to the Napa Valley Register at:
or directly to the Register's editor Sean Scully at (the 800 word max may be waived for a really good essay)

Letters may also be sent to the Yountville Sun via email to Sharon Stensaas at

Or send a letter to any one of the bay area news organizations

Planning Commission

Staff Liaison to the Commission:
David Morrison, Interim County Executive Officer
Brian Bordona, Interim Director
1195 Third Street, Suite 210
Napa, CA 94559

Your Planning Commissioners are:

Joelle Gallagher District 1
Dave Whitmer District 2
Anne Cottrell District 3
Andrew Mazotti District 4
Megan Dameron District 5

Board of Supervisors:

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