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Climate Action Committee12/03/22
Vote for Cottrell and Gallagher12/02/22
Board of Forestry Fire Safe Regulations12/02/22
Napa Soda Springs, County RSS and the BOF11/21/22
BOS Revokes Mountain Peak Use Permit11/11/22
Napa Soda Springs Property Map11/10/22
Napa Soda Springs11/08/22
Napa Soda Springs Resort omnious rebirth11/07/22
Clover Flat Landfill11/03/22
Donald Williams for Calistoga Mayor11/01/22
Walt Ranch and the Lands of Pedroza10/31/22
Residential Development Ordinance10/27/22
Napa County questions Cal Fire services10/26/22
So long, vineyards10/17/22
Campaign 2022: Following the money10/02/22
Keep Napa Gateways Green09/30/22
Napa Groundwater Sustainability Plan09/06/22
Alternative transport solutions08/30/22
ABAG RHNA allocations for 2023-203108/24/22
Save Napa Valley Foundation08/24/22
Bloodlines Vineyards EIR08/01/22
Napa Chronicled07/27/22
Tourism at what cost?07/26/22
Pacaso in your backyard07/05/22
Napa Pipe06/10/22
Stanly Ranch06/10/22
The 2022 campaign for Napa's soul06/07/22
Benjamin Ranch Appeal06/02/22
5/31/22: Old Fire at Soda Canyon05/31/22
Everyone talks about the traffic...05/26/22
District 1 Candidates respond to KNGG05/24/22
Walt Ranch in Court and Beyond05/17/22
A View of Walt Ranch05/12/22
Walt Ranch decision possible May 17th05/12/22
7th Annual PRN Gathering - Postponed05/11/22
The solar powered landscape04/22/22
The Hall Winery Hotel04/16/22
The nameless Walt Ranch Debate04/15/22
To the Supervisors on Walt Ranch04/14/22
Amber Manfree on Mountain Peak04/05/22
Mountain Peak back in Court03/23/22
Micro-Winery Ordinance03/23/22
The labor shortage03/22/22
Soda Canyon Road Firesafe work03/11/22
Oxbow District03/08/22
Deforestation: Sounding the Alarm03/08/22
Quarter percent sales tax to fund fire suppression?03/05/22
Pop-up Tourism on Soda Canyon Road02/25/22
Watershed protection not the only issue02/18/22
Lake Tahoe in the News02/17/22
Mountain Peak back in Court January 2001/12/22
Lake County Guenoc Valley Project01/06/22
Two more ECP MND's up for comment11/26/21
Benjamin Ranch Winery11/16/21
To the BOS on Benjamin Ranch11/11/21
The Urbanization of the Ag Preserve11/06/21
County Supervisor Redistricting Process11/01/21
The Hunter subdivision10/30/21
Planning Commission or Zoning Administrator?10/26/21
More glamping in the East County10/20/21
Water Audit California09/28/21
Aetna Springs Resort, Estate and "Glamping" Development09/14/21
Pickett Road Winery09/14/21
Hotel explosion rocks Napa09/14/21
Napa County SRA Fire Map09/02/21
The Monopole on Soda Canyon Road08/31/21
The Scarlett Winery08/13/21
Develop a Napa Wine Online portal08/09/21
The Ellman Winery07/23/21
comment on: 'Overtourism' could create consequences for Calistoga07/13/21
Anthem Goes to court07/12/21
BOS Mountain Peak remand hearing May 18, 202107/10/21
Small Winery Ordinance in action06/18/21
Syar back on the agenda06/10/21
Sonoma County Winery Events Ordinance05/26/21
Virtual Stakeholders Meeting June 2: Draft Minimum Fire Safe Regulations05/26/21
Benjamin Ranch at the Planning Commission05/19/21
286,000 new winery visitors/yr sought at Planning Commission05/19/21
May 18th: Supervisors to Reconsider Mountain Peak Winery Approval Over 2017 Atlas Fire Evidence05/16/21
The Mountain Peak Remand05/14/21
Napa County Wildfire Protection Plan04/07/21
Staglin Winery adds more tourists04/02/21
Re: Gallo Stagecoach North ECP03/29/21
Gallo Stagecoach North ECP/EIR03/23/21
Stuck on Soda Canyon Road03/21/21
Napa City's Oak Woodlands03/16/21
Campaign 202203/03/21
The Caves at Soda Canyon wants more tourism02/19/21
Comments on Board of Forestry Fire Safe Regulations02/15/21
Anthem Winery Appeal at the BOS01/24/21
Anthem Appeal letter01/24/21
Tourism going up01/11/21
The Lost Cause01/01/21
Coalition Napa Valley12/10/20
AmCan Planning Commission approves Watson Ranch (again)11/27/20
Glass Fire09/29/20
Another hilltop gets leveled09/23/20
The Fire on Monticello Road09/03/20
The fire at the end of the road09/01/20
The Hennessey Fire on Soda Canyon Road08/19/20
Hennessey Fire and Soda Canyon Road08/18/20
Inn at the Abbey08/06/20
Streamlining diverted on Whitehall Lane07/20/20
Soda Canyon to receive fire safety funds07/17/20
The Farmstead Hotel07/14/20
The Hotel Binge07/14/20
Franklin Station Hotel07/12/20
Wetlands and entry to the Valley take another hit07/07/20
Alta Napa Valley Winery06/19/20
Napa County Website06/15/20
FIre-Safe Watershed Development Initiative06/04/20
2020 Joint BOS/PC meeting 05/18/20
Saving the Bay04/09/20
Small Winery Ordinance04/04/20
Napa County and Coronavirus04/03/20
Medical equipment needed: donate on Mar 28th04/01/20
Measure C.2: Watersheds headed back to the ballot?03/29/20
The Bremer Saga03/16/20
comment on: Amber for District 4 Supervisor 202403/11/20
Incumbents remain: more development ahead03/09/20
Oak Knoll Hotel03/04/20
Amber for District 4 Supervisor 202403/03/20
20 years of "growth" is killing Napa02/24/20
comment on: Democracy drowning in a sea of money02/22/20
Next-door post annotated02/19/20
Supervisor Pedroza's constituents02/17/20
2020 Campaign02/15/20
Visit Napa Valley02/13/20
The battle for the hills02/11/20
Hard Six Cellars Winery Appeal02/11/20
Remote Winery Fire Safety Analysis02/10/20
Anthem Winery at Planning Commission02/05/20
CEQA under attack02/04/20
The grape glut02/02/20
Napa County's Current Projects Dashboard01/24/20
Tourism threatens the world01/23/20
Who will live in "farmworker" housing?01/23/20
The Caldwell deliberation01/15/20
Napa Soda Springs up for sale01/14/20
The Supes narrow view of affordable housing mandates01/10/20
Artists and Friends for Amber Manfree For Supervisor Soirée!01/01/20
Buttigieg on the dark side12/19/19
The solar power glut12/04/19
Renewable Energy Ordinance11/25/19
Alastair Bland on vineyard scofflaws.11/22/19
Napa County Land Trust11/13/19
Tourism threshold in Sonoma11/12/19
Fire in Paradise10/29/19
Soda Canyon Road Picnic BBQ: Oct. 19, 201910/17/19
The restaurant-winery impact10/02/19
Wine Country Fires 2015-1910/01/19
The End of the Trail 09/11/19
NV2050 on the erosion of the Ag Preserve08/13/19
Campaign 202008/09/19
County shuns evidence-based decision on Mountain Peak06/24/19
Climate Action Plan DEIR 201906/16/19
Learning from Las Vegas06/10/19
Vallejo Cement Factory: proposal withdrawn05/28/19
PRN Picnic to be rescheduled05/23/19
PRN at the Watersheds Symposium05/15/19
Napa City/County Watershed models05/11/19
Wine tourism and global warming05/08/19
The unrelenting pursuit of economic growth05/06/19
Conservation Regulations05/01/19
More traffic for Bottleneck Junction05/01/19
Con Reg changes may have little impact04/30/19
The silting of Rector Creek04/29/19
AmCan solar farm04/10/19
Beyond Measure C: revised Con Regs04/08/19
County shuns evidence-based decision on Mountain Peak04/03/19
Rector Reservoir drying up? (probably not yet)03/28/19
How not to relieve traffic congestion03/27/19
comment on: The Caldwell deliberation03/13/19
comment on: The Caldwell deliberation03/12/19
Mountain Peak in court 02/27/19
Le Colline Vineyard DEIR: comments requested02/19/19
Fire Rebuilding Update02/06/19
comment on: Response to the Bloodlines DEIR02/04/19
The restaurant coming to a vineyard near you02/04/19
County General Plan Circulation Element Update02/03/19
Napa Moves to Oregon01/31/19
Response to the Bloodlines DEIR01/30/19
Hendrickson Vineyards ECP01/30/19
Jobs versus housing01/24/19
Wine marketing moves into town01/22/19
Bay Area Ridge Trail in Napa County01/22/19
Napa officially a tourist trap01/16/19
The chain winery01/10/19
The Strategic Plan at the BOS: Jan 1501/07/19
Anthem Planning Commission letter01/04/19
The World of Wine12/26/18
Strategic Plan White Papers12/21/18
Watson Ranch Referendum11/30/18
comment on: County Supervisors, Khashoggi and the Angwin cookie jar11/29/18
No on Palm Drive solar11/28/18
Sonoma County Ag+Open Space11/21/18
November 2018 Update 11/16/18
Napa County Land Trust Map11/14/18
Aloft Winery11/13/18
Napa Vision 204010/28/18
Napa Strategic Plan feedback10/23/18
"Compatible winery" Session 2 recap10/21/18
Lisa Hirayama letter on solar projects10/18/18
A developer joins the Planning Commission10/17/18
Solar farms are not farms10/16/18
The Atlas Fire: the documentaries10/13/18
"Remote" or "compatible" wineries?10/12/18
Dry Creek Road Alliance website10/02/18
comment on: Remote Winery Ordinance09/24/18
Mountain Peak approval to be challenged09/22/18
Remote Winery Ordinance09/22/18
Remote Custom Crush09/20/18
The GHG's of remote winery tourism09/09/18
The exploding hospitality sector08/21/18
Grass roots grows08/21/18
Bill Dodd and PG&E08/19/18
Napa County CAP returns08/15/18
Climate Action Plan08/10/18
CAP and Mountain Peak08/10/18
Sonoma County Winery Event Ordinance Petition08/07/18
After Measure C: a strategic plan07/31/18
Fact-based decisions07/19/18
After Measure C: Land Use policy under review07/19/18
The urban cancer In Carneros07/19/18
Palm Drive solar farm07/18/18
Napa Strategic Plan07/12/18
Mother Nature rebukes wine industry? 06/19/18
Measure C: watershed protections lose06/12/18
Unspoiled Napa 06/11/18
comment on: Measure C: watershed protections lose06/07/18
Measure D: Apocalypse averted!06/06/18
comment on: Measure D: Apocalypse averted!06/06/18
Treasury ramps up tourism06/04/18
Gasser Hotel06/02/18
Measure C: the war of words06/02/18
Why build more wineries?06/01/18
Marriot AC Hotel06/01/18
comment on: Tired of being ignored by Napa County officials05/30/18
Atlas Fire Maps05/27/18
Dry Creek winery appeal - tipping point or same old?05/25/18
We're having the wrong conversation05/22/18
Who's opposing Measure D?05/22/18
Another yes on Measure D05/18/18
Measure C in The Guardian05/18/18
Supervisors' Unfair Political Practice against C?05/17/18
Rally for Measure C05/17/18
Fact-based reporting05/16/18
Wine industry decries winery proliferation05/14/18
KQED on Measure C05/11/18
Bill Dodd on C and D05/10/18
St. Helena Endorses Measures C and D05/09/18
County removes false 'No on C' ballot arguments05/06/18
The environmental costs of tourism05/06/18
NVR Eds: the time has come - just not now05/04/18
Roundup Red: Alert!05/04/18
Enough is enough on helicopters - vote for Measure D05/04/18
Dillon vs. Perez05/02/18
No-on-C bogus claims05/01/18
Bill Dodd's fake Measure D arguments04/27/18
PRN at Earth Day 201804/25/18
The money behind all those big No-on-C signs.04/23/18
comment on: Arguments against Measure D are wrong04/21/18
comment on: Dry Creek winery appeal - tipping point or same old?04/20/18
Ag Preserve's 50th Anniversary04/09/18
Waiting for clean water04/07/18
China Syndrome04/04/18
Farm Bureau sells out04/03/18
James Conaway's third (and last?) volume on Napa04/01/18
comment on: County removes false 'No on C' ballot arguments03/30/18
Another traffic study for American Canyon 03/29/18
PRN Endorses Measure C03/26/18
February 2018 Update03/26/18
Solar Farming03/17/18
Property rights. Again03/16/18
The Trail at Soda Canyon is drying up! Not!03/16/18
James Hickey Memorial03/15/18
comment on: Rector Reservoir drying up? (probably not yet)02/20/18
Protecting our Oak Woodlands: the movie02/20/18
More development, more infrastructure, more taxes.02/12/18
NV 2050 on Walt Ranch and Mountain Peak02/06/18
comment on: Streamlining Public Input01/24/18
The Ross Workman archive01/05/18
More tourists please12/21/17
A prescient letter to the editor12/06/17
Fire Stories12/04/17
Protest of Relic Wine Cellars ABC license12/04/17
The watersheds after the fire 12/04/17
Did you get the info you needed during the fire?11/24/17
A Learning Experience11/15/17
After the fire photos11/10/17
Memorial Service for Sally Lewis11/10/17
Draft Rebuilding Regulations11/10/17
County recovery documents updated10/28/17
County stakeholder fire loss meeting10/26/17
After the fire10/25/17
NYT on the fire10/21/17
Napa County Map of damaged and destroyed buildings10/20/17
Updated satellite image of burn areas10/20/17
Updated satellite image of burn areas10/19/17
Ag Commissioner notice update10/18/17
Ag Commissioner notice10/16/17
Nixle alerts10/15/17
comment on: 10/14/17
The Atlas Fire on Soda Canyon Road10/13/17
Atlas Fire Soda Canyon Photos10/12/17
comment on: Fault lines10/12/17
Fault lines10/12/17
The Atlas Fire10/12/17
After The Fire10/12/17
Woodland Initiative 201810/07/17
Raymond Vineyards10/06/17
When does the County look at cumulative impacts?10/04/17
Paul Hobbs at the Planning Commission10/03/17
Just a few thousand more cars (updated)10/01/17
Fast-tracking Napa's urbanization09/26/17
Apocalypse Averted! 09/24/17
A Napa Pipe timeline09/20/17
The stress of being a county official09/20/17
Alliance for Responsible Governance09/05/17
Heliport Initiative 201809/03/17
Grand Jury: Please investigate this!08/25/17
Mountain Peak at the BOS: the epilogue08/23/17
Black Elk Hotel08/18/17
The Mountain Peak in your Back Yard08/17/17
The Town Halls of August08/17/17
The Raymond Decision08/15/17
Raymond - one of many appeals08/14/17
Sonoma County Knights Bridge Winery Appeal08/11/17
comment on: The plight of Adams Street08/11/17
The plight of Adams Street08/09/17
The Fast Track proposal07/31/17
What're you drinking?07/11/17
Who's protecting Napa?06/28/17
A tale of two roads06/19/17
Campaign 201806/14/17
Slowing urbanization: the petition06/09/17
comment on: Promote community not tourism05/29/17
comment on: Insights from the forum on the tourism-driven economy05/29/17
Round two to Mountain Peak05/24/17
The Caymus Letter05/24/17
Mountain Peak: BOS statement05/15/17
The return of Yountville Hill05/11/17
Defining an end to agriculture05/08/17
The Caves at Soda Canyon: recognize, allow, increase, sell05/07/17
The Definition of Agriculture changed!05/06/17
The winery glut selloff05/03/17
May 3, 2017 at the Planning Commission04/28/17
PRN at Earth Day Napa 201704/27/17
BOS strategic planning retreat04/26/17
Where have all the vineyards gone?04/20/17
comment on: The Caves at Soda Canyon: recognize, allow, increase, sell04/17/17
The Woodland Initiative of 2016 Archive04/15/17
2008 General Plan EIR Archive04/10/17
Flynnville: what is an appropriate winery?04/07/17
Watson Ranch developer takes over04/06/17
Gallo buys Stagecoach03/24/17
Raymond at the Planning Commission03/20/17
A standard condition of compliance03/18/17
comment on: Roads on Mt. Veeder03/16/17
Deforestation leader: Cal Fire or County?03/09/17
Standard Conditions of Approval at the BOS (updated)03/07/17
Greenbelt Alliance and the Ahwahnee Principles03/07/17
The Iconic Napa Valley03/02/17
Palmaz at the Planning Commission - Day 1 03/01/17
Mountain Peak earthmoving03/01/17
The Palmaz Heliport02/24/17
Cakebread makes a valiant effort02/21/17
The so-called wine industry02/07/17
Napa Nostra? (updated)02/03/17
Mountain Peak: not remotely appropriate01/16/17
The road not widened (updated)01/14/17
Round one to Mountain Peak (updated)01/12/17
The end of the Trail? (updated)01/10/17
Mountain Peak: the road issue01/06/17
The era of the developer is upon us, part 212/31/16
Mountain Peak and LEED certification12/31/16
NVR #1: Wine industry under fire!12/30/16
Mountain Peak at the Planning Commission Jan 4th 201712/29/16
The era of the developer is upon us12/27/16
Walt Ranch Appeals Denied12/20/16
Walt Ranch post-hearing truth12/14/16
The traffic will only get worse (updated)12/07/16
A Woolls Ranch footnote12/07/16
Other California wine country wars11/22/16
Mark Wolfe's Sierra Club summation 11/18/1611/20/16
Jobs increasing faster than employees (updated)11/19/16
Walt Ranch deserves a better fate11/17/16
Deep Root Speaks11/17/16
Sonoma falls to the developer's ax11/09/16
Nov 9th, 2016. No words can possibly express...11/09/16
Vote for Supervisor Luce!11/04/16
Geoff Ellsworth for St Helena City Council (updated)11/04/16
Napa's Sustainable Groundwater alternate11/03/16
Water for agriculture or tourism?11/03/16
Save Rural Angwin (updated)11/01/16
Water quality email to Yountville09/30/16
Napa Winery Development Industry seminar09/29/16
Measure C09/15/16
A day at Hall Wines09/11/16
Walt demonstration at Hall Wines Sept 10th09/09/16
Napa Vision2050 September Newsletter: Acorns to Oaks09/08/16
comment on: New Rector watershed development08/29/16
James Conaway on the Woodland Initiative08/25/16
The NBBJ Golden Goose conference08/24/16
Aug 17th Planning Commission Review08/18/16
The Agricultural Preserve Archive08/15/16
Our disappearing pond08/03/16
Yountville Hill and the No Project Alternative07/29/16
Yountville Hill DEIR Hearing Aug 3rd (updated)07/28/16
comment on: Lois Battuello Letters on Walt Ranch07/23/16
Walt Ranch LTE's07/23/16
Photo Gallery07/22/16
Woodland Initiative bulldozed07/22/16
Mountain Peak at the Planning Commission Jul 20th 07/21/16
Hocker MPV 7/20/16 statement07/20/16
Why build Watson Ranch? (updated)07/18/16
Urban development and in-lieu fees (updated)07/11/16
Sonoma study session on winery events July 12th07/10/16
Ag land lost and saved07/08/16
Of Water and Wine (2 of 2)06/20/16
Community Housing Summit06/17/16
Bad Day for the Watersheds06/10/16
Napa Municipal Water Sources05/30/16
Caymus Development Agreement (updated)05/27/16
The Disappearing Watershed (updated)05/26/16
Crony capitalism in Napa?05/24/16
comment on: Save Rural Angwin Feb-Apr 2016 Quarterly Update05/20/16
The Rector Watershed05/19/16
The Disappearing West05/18/16
Golden eggs or fois gras.05/04/16
Event centers or McMansions - the resident's dilemma.05/03/16
Commissioner Gill revisits the 2010 WDO changes05/03/16
April 27th KQED event center Forum04/27/16
Road Signs04/17/16
SodaCanyonRoad TF Zone04/06/16
comment on: NVR: Napa Vision 2050 Economic Forum04/02/16
Hall, No!04/02/16
My second Walt Ranch letter04/02/16
Lois Battuello Letters on Walt Ranch04/01/16
SCR March 2016 Update03/28/16
The portent of Syar 03/25/16
Once it's gone it's gone03/19/16
Tuesday, Mar 22nd, 2016: Syar Appeal to the BOS03/19/16
The issue behind the tax issues03/17/16
A letter from the Halls03/15/16
Water, Forest, & Oak Woodland Protection Initiative of 201603/13/16
Girard approved by BOS (updated)03/10/16
Winery Protection Advisory Committee03/01/16
Small wineries, big impacts02/19/16
The DTC trajectory02/15/16
Soda Canyon on the cutting edge02/13/16
Caymus Development Agreement02/10/16
SCR February 2016 Update02/05/16
Where the money is02/05/16
Sonoma Supes waffle on tourist rentals01/27/16
The campaign begins01/07/16
Beckstoffer steps up again01/07/16
New Year's resolutions at the BOS 1/5/1601/07/16
A New Year's resolution unkept01/06/16
The Vine Trail Discussion (updated)01/03/16
The growth curve (updated)12/17/15
The Rector Watershed (updated)12/14/15
Chris Malan is In12/14/15
APAC at the BOS12/08/15
APAC Dec 8th Statement to BOS12/07/15
BOS APAC review coming Dec 8th12/05/15
Meritage - under the radar (updated)12/05/15
The nature of the process12/03/15
The winery glut12/03/15
Watson Ranch is alive!12/02/15
The Road Widening Myth12/02/15
Watson Ranch12/02/15
Housing Shame11/30/15
New Rector watershed development11/25/15
Affordable Housing11/23/15
Unlike Napa, St Helena sees STR dangers (sorta)11/23/15
Summers Winery: recognize, allow, increase11/19/15
Billboards - Napa style11/19/15
Davies Winery St. Helena11/17/15
Syar finalized Nov 18th11/16/15
Oxbow tourist district 11/16/15
The industrial Eden11/13/15
Sonoma County11/13/15
Climate Action Plan Public meeting #111/11/15
Transition Sonoma Valley11/11/15
Affordable housing takes another hit (updated)11/05/15
The Climate Action Plan Nov 5th and 9th11/03/15
Everyone talks about traffic11/01/15
Dir. Morrison's Farm Bureau presentation11/01/15
Wine industry in need of public relations campaign11/01/15
The traffic jam (aka American Canyon) lengthens10/29/15
Open letter to Supervisors on Reverie10/29/15
The Soda Canyon Cluster (updated) 10/27/15
The intent of the ag preserve10/26/15
Traffic and taxes may save us10/23/15
Grassi Winery10/23/15
More gravel, fewer trees in Napa's future10/21/15
Girard Denied!10/21/15
Your tax dollars at work10/20/15
Urban limits10/20/15
Back to the future10/19/15
Napa's future in the Syar request10/18/15
Farm Bureau Quarterly Magazine10/16/15
A wine selling strategy worth pursuing10/16/15
More on the true cost of development10/14/15
The Reverie revelation10/14/15
The Soda Canyon Cluster10/14/15
"Recognize and allow" on trial at Reverie, Oct 13th10/13/15
Too much of a good thing10/12/15
Dario Sattui's view of the situation10/10/15
False choices (updated)10/09/15
Another impacted community10/08/15
Sept 30th Planning Commission on APAC10/02/15
Hudson Vineyards Winery - Oct 7th10/01/15
Farm Bureau Definition of Agriculture09/29/15
Bell Canyon watershed deforestation proposed09/28/15
The "CEQA" small winery 09/25/15
Tourism über alles09/21/15
Tourism versus houses09/18/15
More drama at the Planning Commission09/17/15
Creative solutions for traffic creation09/14/15
PRESS RELEASE: Diane Shepp is in09/11/15
A capitalist manifesto09/11/15
Reverie Winery09/10/15
APAC Final Report09/10/15
Short term rentals for long term decline09/07/15
The murky waters of visitation09/02/15
The 2016 election is upon us!09/01/15
Campaign 201609/01/15
Compliance and Proliferation08/31/15
Our Napa Valley08/28/15
Keeping up with the news08/27/15
APAC ends08/25/15
APAC #10 Final meeting preview08/21/15
Current Projects in the County Planning Department08/20/15
Girard continued til Oct 21st08/19/15
Geoff Ellsworth: APAC #9 statement and LTE08/18/15
My 3rd Girard letter08/18/15
Napa Pipe's not over til it's over (updated)08/17/15
Process grapes not tourists!08/17/15
Let's survey residents about the tourism industry.08/14/15
Bell Wine Cellars Appeal08/14/15
The next Syar hearing (continuance): Sept 2nd 201508/13/15
APAC #9 report: APAC punts08/11/15
Framework X (updated)08/07/15
Eve Kahn's ag definition revision08/05/15
Wine Tourism under the microscope08/03/15
Bruce Phillips on the definition of agriculture08/01/15
The consolidated definition of agriculture07/31/15
Turning wine into water conservation07/30/15
APAC #8 Report07/28/15
Growth Issues07/28/15
Napa Valley for sale07/24/15
Tourism in the vineyards: an APAC reading list07/23/15
Napa Pipe: the beginning of the end07/23/15
Beckstoffer puts his money where his mouth is07/20/15
Paul Hobbs comes to Napa07/17/15
The Dream Winery Offensive07/17/15
Melka Winery Appeal07/17/15
Paul Hobbs Winery07/16/15
Girard up again07/16/15
The Right to Farm07/15/15
APAC #7 Report (sort of)07/14/15
The Crux of the Proliferation Problem07/08/15
Proposal X - a bad return on investment07/07/15
The Four County Network is born07/03/15
Two-track winery definition07/01/15
Napa's new logo07/01/15
Reverie wrongdoing rewarded06/24/15
APAC #6 report06/22/15
Process Grapes Not Tourists06/22/15
APAC proposal U06/20/15
The population problem06/18/15
What's in a name?06/17/15
Winery myth and moritorium06/17/15
Vision 2050 general meeting #306/17/15
Millions Visit Napa Valley - more to come06/15/15
Letter to Supervisors on Visit Napa Valley Funding06/12/15
The Silver Rose06/09/15
Auction Napa Valley06/09/15
APAC #5 Report06/08/15
APAC #5 agenda June 8th06/04/15
Water, wine and fish06/02/15
Agricultural protection vs tourism06/01/15
The threat of tourism06/01/15
Meadowrock (Astrale e Terra)06/01/15
Enforcement Action05/28/15
APAC #4 Report05/28/15
APAC #4 options for discussion05/21/15
Living Rivers and DENW challange Kongsgaard05/18/15
County's Map of vineyard conversions as of 5/12/1505/18/15
APAC Proposal L05/16/15
The new(old) Yountville Hill proposal gets scoped05/15/15
Mountain Peak Project resubmitted to County05/15/15
Protect Rural Napa05/14/15
Reverie Winery "recognize and allow" permit, Jun 3rd05/13/15
APAC #3 Report05/11/15
Harvest Duhig makes the case for 10 acres05/07/15
The Caves: a scam from day one?05/07/15
Bell Wine Cellars ups capacity 50%, visitation 340%05/07/15
The Caves portal denied05/07/15
The Caves: planning staff recommends denial05/01/15
End all visitation before sunset. 05/01/15
Stop building wineries in the AP and AW zones.05/01/15
Beckstoffer weighs in on code enforcement04/30/15
The Sonoma furor continues to grow.04/29/15
A "wine industry" call to arms04/29/15
APAC #2 Report04/27/15
Earth Day Napa photos04/27/15
Playing by the rules04/25/15
APAC meeting #204/23/15
Taxes for a better world? Not in Napa!04/21/15
My unsent Caves letter04/20/15
SCR Mid-April 2015 Update04/20/15
Volker Eisele's second memorial04/20/15
Oral history of Soda Canyon Road04/16/15
First APAC meeting04/15/15
Patricia Damery LTE04/13/15
Get out of town fast04/07/15
Boisset hosts another party04/06/15
How to milk a cash cow04/06/15
SCR April 2015 Update04/01/15
April 1st PC hearing04/01/15
Bell Wine Cellars letter of concern03/31/15
More James Conaway 03/31/15
1990 WDO Archive03/31/15
Vision 2050 makes headlines03/30/15
Syar gives and takes03/28/15
Patricia Damery on water03/24/15
More than a moritorium03/24/15
Ah, the ironies of environmental preservation03/23/15
The Casino-Winery03/20/15
Death in Paradise03/19/15
Traffic Issues03/17/15
Mar 10th BOS-PC statement: Mark Luce03/16/15
Cheap housing in the Bay Area03/16/15
Preserve Rural Sonoma County03/13/15
Triad tries again03/12/15
Press on the Mar 10th BOS-PC joint meeting03/12/15
My takeaway on the Mar 10th joint BOS-PC meeting03/11/15
KPIX does the big picture03/10/15
A "win-win" on Syar?03/08/15
Current County groundwater discussion03/08/15
Foreign investment report03/07/15
Napa Pipe dream not yet a nightmare03/07/15
Our future tells us what it wants to be03/05/15
Geoff Ellsworth has a casting call!03/05/15
Cries and punishment in wine county03/05/15
A few more suggestions03/05/15
WAA info from the county03/04/15
Resistance is not futile03/03/15
WDO Enforcement at the BOS03/03/15
Sandy Ericson's Inbox03/03/15
Diane Shepp and Dan Mufson honored by County03/03/15
Letter to PC Re: Krupp and Titus03/02/15
Director Morrison begins quantifying the future03/02/15
SCR March 2015 Update03/01/15
A voice on Syar 02/27/15
Krupp Bros Winery at Planning Commission Mar 4th02/26/15
Napa Custom Crush Protest #302/26/15
St Helena explores expanding into the Ag Preserve02/25/15
Quick (if not perhaps easy) changes to the WDO02/23/15
Syar downsizes02/20/15
Taxpayers foot the bill for Calistoga Hills02/20/15
Skyline Park needs us just as we need it02/19/15
Letter to PC re: Melka, Krupp02/17/15
The meaning of viewshed02/16/15
How will Napa City deal with development impacts?02/11/15
Plan for a stable not an expanding economy02/10/15
The Sierra Club: Napa Green, Mar 12th02/07/15
Save Rural Angwin's Nov-Jan Update02/07/15
A great presentation of the big picture02/06/15
Copia to get new developer02/06/15
Calistoga & North Napa Co02/06/15
SCR February 2015 Update02/04/15
County CEQA EIR and notification hearing, Feb 10th02/04/15
Sonoma again in the vanguard on wineries02/04/15
Sonoma gets the money, Napa gets the impacts02/03/15
What do you want Napa to look like in 2050?02/02/15
Separate winery and visitation use permits02/01/15
Water Availability Analysis Update01/30/15
Winery Waste Public Forum: Jan 27, 101501/26/15
The next 50 years!01/23/15
A Grand (and verbose) Coalition Recap01/23/15
Winery turned down in Sonoma County01/23/15
Revisiting Supervsor Dillon's notes at the Woolls hearing. 01/22/15
City of Napa01/22/15
City of Napa01/22/15
The Future of Napa - fast food and auto malls01/21/15
The Grand Coalition initial meeting01/21/15
Open letter to the Supes, Commissioners and Planners01/20/15
LTE from Carl Bunch on Davies Winery01/19/15
Napa Vision 205001/19/15
80 Pending use-permit Applications?01/18/15
Justin-Siena in the news again01/16/15
St Helena Star wants more development01/16/15
The Highest and Best Use01/15/15
The future of the city of Napa01/15/15
Open letter to the Planning Commission and the BOS01/14/15
More contingents join the NIMBY Army!01/11/15
The invisible event-centers01/11/15
A day in the park01/09/15
Calistoga News01/08/15
Syar hearing continued01/08/15
More on the upcoming development forum01/08/15
Anthem Winery01/08/15
Volker Eisele Eulogy01/08/15
SCR January 2015 Update01/05/15
The population bomb, part 101/05/15
The upcoming development forum01/03/15
Relic Construction Site01/03/15
The Water Availability Analysis (WWA)01/02/15
Volker Eisele 1937-201501/02/15
Syar Expansion01/02/15
Larkmead Vineyards Major Modification, Jan 21st12/31/14
Ongoing development issues in American Canyon12/29/14
Chris Malan up again12/27/14
Enough is Enough!12/27/14
A New Year's resolution.12/23/14
Top 10 News Stories of 201412/23/14
Who's stuck in the traffic jam?12/22/14
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Snow Mountain Meeting12/20/14
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Don't build Napa Pipe.12/16/14
A great LTE!12/12/14
Our new supervisor12/10/14
Water Report from The Nation! 12/08/14
Coming to a backyard near you12/08/14
Calistoga tries to double population12/03/14
Andy Beckstoffer on development in St. Helena12/02/14
A letter of support.12/01/14
Girard Winery12/01/14
Sonoma Co gets sued for lack of EIR12/01/14
Girard Winery Project, Calistoga Dec 17th12/01/14
Projects coming up in December right before the holidays!11/30/14
About Circle Oaks by Barry Eberling11/30/14
LTE on Woolls hearing and watersheds11/26/14
The End of Wine11/24/14
Woolls Nov 22nd appeal video and comment11/24/14
Define a "true" family winery11/24/14
LTE on Yountville Hill11/23/14
Hwy 29 improvements in south Napa11/20/14
'Napa NIMBY Army' recognized11/19/14
Woolls Ranch Winery at the BOS, Nov. 22nd11/19/14
CEQA Oak Woodland Conservation11/17/14
Justin-Siena LTE11/17/14
Walt: more LTE's11/17/14
60 Minutes does groundwater depletion in Calif.11/16/14
Walt Ranch: Nov12th DEIR public comments audio and article11/13/14
Age and wisdom on Walt Ranch11/11/14
Save Rural Angwin begins their 7th year.11/11/14
Barry Eberling previews the Walt Ranch Forum.11/10/14
The view from Atlas Peak11/09/14
John Harrington's letter to the planning commission11/09/14
Wine Industry Economics Study Session Presentations, Nov 5th11/06/14
South Napa County10/31/14
Walt Ranch letters-to-the-editor10/30/14
Napa County Roads - Bad10/28/14
Sonoma pols respond to resident outrage10/27/14
Specify which vineyard properties are allowed to have winery development.10/24/14
Barry Eberling on the Woolls Continuance10/21/14
Sonoma takes the lead in curbing winery abuse.10/20/14
Mountain Peak Update 10/18/1410/18/14
NVR Letter-to-the-editor re: Woolls Ranch10/16/14
Davies Winery Appeal Hearing Oct 28th10/16/14
Sustainability versus Napa Valley tourism10/16/14
Friends of the Gualala River - Preservation Ranch Project10/16/14
Mount Veeder10/14/14
Letter sent to PC regarding VMM on Relic Winery10/14/14
Walt Ranch10/14/14
St. Helena10/14/14
Yountville Hill10/14/14
A Open Letter to the Board of Supervisors10/02/14
Geoff Ellsworth's Map of Potential Wineries10/02/14
The zoning map of Napa County10/02/14
Open Comment Period Before PC and BOS meetings10/02/14
Opposition to Walt Ranch09/28/14
Protest to application for ABC License 548261, Relic WIne Cellars LLC09/20/14
Dry Farming of Grapes in the Napa Valley09/20/14
BOS Appointment to represent the Public at Large on WICC09/20/14
The new state groundwater law09/06/14
Define an appropriate numerical relationship between agriculture and tourism09/03/14
Peter Jensen on the earthquake aftermath 09/03/14
Use Vineyard waste as a profit center for the county.09/02/14
New vineyards in the Eastern Hills09/01/14
Sierra Club Donation Appeal against Walt Ranch.09/01/14
Groundwater/vineyard concerns in 2 california communities09/01/14
Stop Building on Undeveloped Land08/30/14
Allocate Winery Capacity based on grapes available08/30/14
Increase minimum acreage for a winery08/30/14
Tourism drains the county's water08/26/14
Begin a sensible winery development policy08/26/14
Develop a public Napa wine market08/23/14
Stop food service at wineries08/23/14
Andy Beckstoffer Statement at Aug 20th Raymond Hearing08/21/14
Great Wines Don't Need Tourists08/20/14
Peter Jensen on the Aug 19th WDO hearing08/20/14
The St. Helena Window on Tourism08/17/14
NVR Editorial on Cumulative Impacts08/17/14
BOS Meeting regarding the WDO, Tues. Aug 19th 9:00am08/15/14
Planning Commission Hearing: Raymond Winery: Aug 20th 9:00am08/15/14
Peter Jensen on county wells and the drought08/11/14
Peter Jensen on Walt Ranch extended public review08/07/14
Updated additions to my tourism use permit roster08/07/14
Peter Jensen on Winery audit 201308/07/14
Planning Commission on Cumulative impacts08/06/14
Peter Jensen on the Yountville Hill appeal08/05/14
Walt Ranch Vineyard Project Concerns08/04/14
No news is good news from Sheveta Sharma08/04/14
Letter to PC on Winery Definition Status Agenda Item 8/6/201408/04/14
Planning Commission looks at the WDO Aug 6th08/02/14
Email exchange with Bill Dodd07/29/14
2010 changes to the WDO07/29/14
Of Water and Wine (1 of 2)07/24/14
Phase 2 water analysis to be issued with neg dec.07/23/14
Heather Phillips and Diane Dillon revisit the WDO07/18/14
Yountville Hill Files Appeal07/17/14
Beckstoffer Statement at PC07/17/14
MPV hearing possible in Sept07/07/14
A Political Theater07/04/14
Yountville Hill Hearing Announcment06/27/14
PC Letter Opposition to Yountville Hill06/27/14
Response to request for Phase 2 water report06/24/14
A Faustian Bargain06/23/14
Toruism Debate06/14/14
Why do locals hate wineries so much?06/12/14
Water Analysis06/11/14
Response to Donna Oldford letter to Planning Dept.06/10/14
Diane Shepp Letter-to-editor in Register06/03/14
Time for a moratorium06/02/14
PRN Posts05/29/14
Hocker Letter-to-editor in Register05/27/14
Peter Jensen Article on MPV Project05/27/14
NR Letter re: Titus and Castelucci Wineries05/22/14
May 20th joint meeting letter to PC and BOS05/19/14
Combined BOS / Planning Commission meeting to discuss winery-tourism05/16/14
Joint BOS / Planning Commission Meeting to discuss Winery Tourism !!!05/16/14
Tourism or agriculture?05/15/14
Past Winery Approval Tabulation05/12/14
LTE on Castellucci and Titus hearing05/09/14
Woolls Ranch05/02/14
Hocker MPV Statement04/30/14
NVR Letter-to-the-Editor 5/1/1404/30/14
Yountville Sun Letter-to-the-Editor 4/30/1404/30/14
Tourism Issues03/13/14
The Winery Glut03/12/14
The WDO03/12/14
Watershed Issues03/11/14
Fire Issues03/10/14
Community Groups03/09/14
Soda Canyon parcels and wineries02/04/14