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Below are the important dates for 2018. If you would like to make additions or corrections to this calendar contact me.

Napa County Board of Supervisor's (BOS) meetings and Napa County Planning Commission (PC) meetings are held on the 3rd floor of the Napa County Building at 1195 3rd St, Napa 94559 .

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Wed, Sep 5, 2018

County Planning Commission

Maxville Lake Winery Major Mod
175,000 more gal/yr, food, 14500 more visitors/yr, 14 more parking spaces, setback exemption, 39.8% accessory/production ratio, 70-80 trips/day to a very remote site
Neg Dec Notice
County Maxville page
4105 Chiles Pope Valley Rd
[Continued from Aug 1, 2018]

Aloft Winery New Use Permit
50,000 gal/yr, 22,000 sf of caves, 5670 visitors/yr, food, 6 employees, 12 parking spaces, 30-89 trips/day
430 Cold Springs Road, Angwin (6.2 miles from Trail)
County Aloft page

Maldonado Winery Major Mod
15,000 more gal/yr and that's it
County Maldonado Winery page

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