Oct 2, 2019

2020 Napa County Campaign

Mar 3, 2020 Election
Three Supervisors are up for re-election in 2020: Ryan Gregory in District 2, Alfredo Pedroza in District 4, and Belia Ramos in District 5. The primary is on Mar 3, 2020

Amber Manfree for Supervisor 2020 website
Amber Manfree for Supervisor Facebook page
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2020 Candidate Filing Deadlines
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NVR 1/19/20: District 4 Board of Supervisors: Manfree challenging Pedroza
NVR 12/6/19: American Canyon Vice Mayor Aboudamous to challenge Ramos for Napa Supervisor seat
NVR 12/5/19: Pedroza vs. Manfree could be only contested Napa County supervisor race (not!)
NVR 8/7/19: Three Napa County supervisor incumbents all alone in fundraising race
NVR 7/9/19: Gifts, investments for Napa County officials go online


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Amber for District 4 Supervisor

Bill Hocker - Dec 31, 2019 5:50AM  Share #2058
Website: ambermanfreeforsupervisor2020.com
Facebook: facebook.com/ambermanfree2020/

Napa vision 2050 Newsletter 12/10/19: Genuine Amber "Putting Locals First"
NVR 12/5/19: Pedroza vs. Manfree could be only contested Napa County supervisor race

Mike Hackett writes:
I want to personally encourage you to come meet Dr. Amber Manfree who is challenging the incumbent, Alfredo Pedroza, for County Supervisor.

She is from a multi- generational Napa family, intelligent; likely THE land use expert in all of Napa County, and the change needed in local government. Do you feel like the balance of industry and citizens is outa' whack? Well I sure do. Amber will put citizens first, all the while respecting the long term interests of the wine industry as well. She will listen to you AND take real action!

She is up against the big money here and needs your support. She is THE change needed right here, right now. I fully support Amber for election to the Napa County Board of Supervisors.

Buttigieg on the dark side

Bill Hocker - Dec 19, 2019 9:21AM  Share #2056

LAProgressive 12/25/19: Mayor Pete’s Favorite Wine-Maker Hasn’t Been A Good Napa Neighbor
HuffPost 12/20/19: Yes, It Is Plainly Wrong To Meet Donors In A Billionaire’s Crystal Wine Cave
NYT 12/20/19: Democrats Sparred Over a Wine Cave Fund-Raiser. Its Billionaire Owner Isn’t Pleased.
Vox 12/19/19: The Warren-Buttigieg wine cave controversy, explained
NVR 12/13/19: Pete Buttigieg to make fundraising stop in the Napa Valley

I've been quite partial to Mayor Pete. With a commanding and quick intellect he has seemed to be a political jujitsu master able to turn any attack back on his attacker with a cogent and convincing repost (as he did with Warren's attack). It is a necessary skill to take on a streetwise thug like Trump on the debate stage.

Unfortunately he has just dulled his allure, no matter how cogent his case for big money donors, by accepting the support of some of the more ostentatious plutocrats on the Napa development scene. The Hall's money and ambitions have pushed every wrong button here for those who have treasured the laid-back rural character of the county now spoiled by the greed, vanity and building projects of a generation of wealthy developers wanting to retire into a life of good-life entrepreneurship.

Without knowing our local politics, Ms. Warren has still managed, in challenging Buttigieg on his fundraising strategy, to voice exactly the resentment that many Napa residents have for a wealthy elite whose own interests, schemes and visions of a more profitable (and populous) future end up being imposed on us all.

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