SodaCanyonRoad | Other California wine country wars (updated)

Other California wine country wars (updated)

Bill Hocker | Nov 22, 2016 on: Other Groups

SB Independant 11/22/16: Santa Barbara Wine Country Ordinance Shot Down

Wine regions all over the state are running into the same concerns that the residents of Napa have long had - a wine industry drunk on tourism and rural communities being turned into tourist skid rows.

NVR 6/30/15: Napa not alone facing winery growth issues
New Times (San Luis Obispo) 10/16/15: Trouble on the wine trail
LA Times 12/02/15: San Diego Co law could change the meaning of 'local' wine
NVR 6/30/15: Napa not alone facing winery growth issues
SB Independent 6/26/15: Vintners Dominate Subdued Winery Ordinance Hearing
SB Independent 6/17/15: Debate Continues on Santa Barbara County’s Proposed Winery Rules
SB independent 1/17/13:First Look at New Winery Rules
SB Independent 8/30/13: A tale of two valleys

Not to mention Sonoma

The feeling is universal: the wine industry is supported when it is seen as contributing to and enhancing a livable community. It is opposed when it is seen as a destroyer. The conversion of the wine industry into an entertainment industry diminishes the value and quality of life that is the treasure of living in a rural community in an urban world.

Note in the long, Jan 2013, article, "A tale of two valleys", that Rex Stults of the Napa Valley Vintners holds up our 2010 WDO as an example of the success of winery rules. A year later Napa Valley residents began to explode over the same tourism impacts that Santa Barbara was reacting to.

There is a cautionary tale in the drop off of community involvement in the last Santa Barbara meeting. After 4 years of meetings it is those who stand to make money rather than those trying to protect their neighborhoods that still have the energy to show up. Protecting a rural community against the constant pressure of development money is an eternal task.