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Mountain Peak Project resubmitted to County
Bill Hocker | May 15, 2015 on: Mountain Peak Winery

Not having heard from the neighbors of the Mountain Peak project in the month since the project was resubmitted to the county and a notification of submission sent out, Sheveta Sharma, the planner shepherding the project, was kind enough to send me a note of concern. I did not receive the April 16th notice and will try to find out who did receive it.

In any case here it is: Apr 16th 2015 Mt. Peak resubmission notification

I have included the revised traffic report in the documents listed at the top of the page. The conclusion, surprise, surprise: "The project will result in no significant off-site circulation system operational impacts to Silverado Trail or Soda Canyon Road or to the Silverado Trail/Soda Canyon Road intersection."

My email exchange with Ms. Sharma this morning is here:
    On May 15, 2015 9:31:27 AM, Sheveta Sharma wrote:


    At this time I can only guess as to when it might go before PC. The earliest possible date would be August in my best guess. Staff will have a better estimate once the environmental document is prepared. The only new document in the file is the revised traffic study which is attached. Though I should note that the applicant has also modified the project and is no longer seeking any variances.

    As for the notice, it should have been sent to a 1000 foot radius. I checked with our admin staff and it seems the issue was that the notice should have gone out through the Planning staff directly and the notice was not properly mailed. At this time I know that the neighbors are maintain a website regarding the project, so that may be the quickest way to notify all the interested parties.


    Shaveta Sharma


    On May 15, 2015 9:17 AM, Bill Hocker wrote:

    Ms. Sharma,

    Many thanks for the followup. I did not receive your April 16th notification about Mountain Peak. Although my inbox is full of notifications from the county as well as forwarded alerts about projects from other people around the county, this one, as you might imagine, would have stood out. Anyone within our residential community or the activist community that has formed around the county in the last year would have circulated the notice had they received it. Might I ask who else the notice was sent to?

    Is it possible at this point to guess how long your review will last and when the project might come up before the planning commission?
    Are electronic copies of the submitted documents available, and if not, a guess as to when they might be available.

    Bill Hocker


    On May 15, 2015, at 8:21 AM, Sharma, Shaveta wrote:

    Good morning Bill,

    I was writing to ask whether you had received the notice that was sent in April regarding Mountain Peak Winery’s resubmittal. I wanted to follow up because I was surprised I hadn’t heard from any of the neighbors.

    It is attached for your reference, let me know if you have any questions.


    Shaveta Sharma