SodaCanyonRoad | Stop building wineries in the AP and AW zones.

Stop building wineries in the AP and AW zones.
Bill Hocker | May 1, 2015 on: Solutions

This solution to the event center proliferation was not considered earlier because I frankly thought it was a non-starter, despite an intimation by Supervisor Luce at the first joint BOS/PC meeting back on May 20th, 2014 that the need for any more wineries should be questioned. At the Mar 10th, 2015 meeting he came out again questioning the need for more wineries given the glut of capacity in the county. It is a proposal that needs serious discussion. Unfortunately the APAC seems like it will be too stuck in the numerical weeds of the WDO to consider any far reaching proposals, including most of the other solutions proposed on this solutions page, I'm afraid. Just think about the amount of free time the planning department and planning commission could spend on the long range interests of the county if they didn't have to spend all their time on vanity winery projecrs.