SodaCanyonRoad | Signholding Sat Mar 28th


Signholding Sat Mar 28th
Geoff Ellsworth | Mar 23, 2015 on: St. Helena

Hello all,

I believe it is important to continue our signholding, both at county/city meetings as well as in places with more public visibility to bring awareness to residents and visitors alike that we have serious concerns regarding traffic, water and development issues.

There will be a sign holding in St. Helena this Saturday, March 28 at Lyman Park ( across Hwy 29 from the Post Office) from 10:30 am-1 pm.
People can come for the whole time or just a few minutes to show support.

If there's enough support there could be a sign holding in Napa as well,
I could get to Napa by 1:30 but perhaps people there may start earlier.

In Napa I liked the Veterans Park/ County Building intersection of 3rd and Main in downtown Napa as both locals and visitors pass that area and traffic is moving relatively slowly. Also there is parking.
Signholding has also happened at the Trancas Post Office.

At this point I think the location is less critical than the people continuing to come together to demonstrate that we are less than happy and have the will and the capacity to stand up. We will be seen.
Just want to be sure it's safe place with space to stand and not block circulation.

I'm also reaching out to groups in other counties if they want to join us or organize "sign holding Saturdays" in their counties.

I don't think they have to be long events, If we just take a few ours each Saturday to show our solidarity with each others' concerns perhaps that will help to build the collective voice.


ALSO This Wednesday, March 25, the Stop Justin group opposing a large mall development on Solano Ave, just off Hwy 29 by Trower will be out holding signs.
I believe Hwy 29 connects us all to this issue and I have been out a few times to stand with this group.
This will happen Wednesday March 25, 3pm-6pm

I may be in Lake County at this time
but the Stop Justin Group would appreciate the support to make sure their concerns are heard.