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Develop more appropriate winery zoning
Amber Manfree | Mar 6, 2015 on: Solutions

Keep in mind that all but a tiny fraction of 160 acre parcels are in outlying areas, so limiting wineries to 160 acre parcels would push development entirely to the hills (a.k.a. the place where a conservation-minded person like myself does NOT want to see more development).

My opinion is that the way to go is with a combination of acreage and zoning;
a) In an industrial area or within city limits, who cares how many wineries?
b) For valley-floor tourist areas, the issue has more to do with density; in
order to leave arable land open, limit wineries to one per 40 acres or
something like that.
c) In the hills, wineries are out of place no matter what the parcel size

I know that sounds more complicated, but Napa has distinctly different regions, in terms of what is appropriate where.