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Sonoma gets the money, Napa gets the impacts
Bill Hocker | Feb 3, 2015 on: Sonoma County

Sandy Ericson of the St Helena Window just sent over this article on the development of a resort on Spring Mountain Road in Sanoma County that has its principal access from St. Helena. My question is not about the development, although we are all beginning to choke on the impacts of oceans of disposable income pouring into wine country as the result of an afternoon's wine tasting, but about the right of one county to grant the approvals and reap the taxes from the project (including the TOT on $2400/night) while the other county bears all of the tourism impacts. No doubt guests will be so enchanted they will want a resort of their own, perhaps next door since Sonoma residents seem so hospitable to tourism development, and St. Helena, wine capital of the world, is sooo close.