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Selling cars in the Ag Preserve
Daniel Mufson | Jan 27, 2015 on:

I have sent the following note to Supervisor Pedroza. He responded that heíd call the president of Luna and discuss this with staff. "The issue of compliance/enforcement has my attention as well. I will follow-up with the who, what, & how we plan to address it.Ē


I just took this picture. You know things are out of control when car sales have moved from Soscol to a winery (Luna) on Silverado Trail (@ Hardman). Why would anyone think it was acceptable to do so? My guess is that they know that there will not be any consequences from the county. Over the past few months we have heard members of the farm community tell you that there needs to be more effort at compliance/enforcement of permit restrictions.

The fact that the county sends out a questionnaire (itís not a real audit) and then gets responses that show 40% are out of compliance ought to lead to some action. But, we havenít seen it yet. The county has an obligation to enforce compliance to permitted conditions. I hope that you will let me know how many such compliance officers the county has and how many will be budgeted for in the next budget.

Thank you