SodaCanyonRoad | St. Helena sued to stop development.


St. Helena sued to stop development.
Geoff Ellsworth | Jan 8, 2015 on: St. Helena

Davies winery opponents sue city


Carl Bunch writes:

Right on, Geoff! Congratulations to you and your fellow activists. I'm hopeful that your approach regarding reconsideration by the City Council for a a full EIR works. New Council members and a less politically difficult decision by the Council (not asking for a complete rejection of the project but simply more comprehensive environmental consideration) should be possible for the Council without upsetting the Council's moneyed supporters.

I'm writing a letter to the St. Helena Council (as a Napa Vallley citizen although not a resident of St. Helena) asking its members to order a new EIR. I hope other activists with winery use permit issues do the same whether or not they live in St Helena. Hwy. 29 and Silverado Trail traffic heading upvalley is already outrageous; Increases prompted by yet more winery activities in St. Helena's downtown are beyond the pale for those of us who live in the Valley.

Thanks for your terrific work on these issues, Geoff.