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Who's stuck in the traffic jam?
Bill Hocker | Dec 22, 2014 on: Traffic Issues

Study reveals who's clogging napa roadways

From the study:
    "it was estimated that 21% of total daily trips into Napa County were “visitor” trips, a number four percentage points higher than the percentage of visitor trips from the vehicle intercept survey (discussed in more detail in Chapter 5). However,
    visitors to Napa County are likely underrepresented in the vehicle intercept survey as potential respondents who live or work in Napa County are generally considered to be more likely to complete the survey."

Let's not forget the that the employees of the tourist industry and the development industry that cater to the needs of those visitors constitute a (perhaps significant) addition to the percentage of traffic attributable to tourism.

The full study is here (via the St. Helena Window)
Just the conclusions are here (via the St. Helena Window)