SodaCanyonRoad | Preservation Ranch vineyard conversion stopped in Sonoma

Preservation Ranch vineyard conversion stopped in Sonoma
Annette Krammer | Nov 17, 2014 on: Sonoma County

A year ago, this massive vineyard development project was stopped dead in Sonoma. It was planned by Premier Pacific, in which the Halls are invested. PPV also planned Circle S. It went under, but the same people have scattered into other developer groups.

Preserving the horribly named 'Preservation Ranch' land was a massive victory. Do our fighters know how it was done and do we have any overlap in personnel? The regional Sierra Club put out an educational video on YouTube about conversion of woodland to vineyard and its impact.

What lessons learned here can be put to use on our county fight?


Jim Wislon wrote:

I do know Tom Adams was attorney and helped cobble together the deal to purchase for conservation. He's Hall's attorney on WALT so he's might be the guy to assist w a Napa conservation effort. Chris was directly involved in the effort with the Friends of Gualala River and the Sierra Club had a great write-up in their Needles publication.

Here's the FOGR website. Note their petition directly to Artesa Vineyards and Winery. I think it's pretty good.