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Protest Against License Application
Lisa Hirayama | Sep 21, 2014 on: Relic Wine Cellars

Dear Ms. Barrett,

We are writing to oppose the granting of license #548261 to Relic Wine Cellars located at 2400 Soda Canyon Road, Napa, CA 94558. This is a country road with residences, and allowing on-site sales, tours and tastings at the winery will only increase vehicular traffic in what is already a dangerous traffic situation. Soda Canyon Road is significantly degraded and not up to current standards for the type of traffic it carries on a daily basis. This could lead to an eventual increase in the number of vehicular accidents. The issue of overall safety for neighbors, local vehicles, bicyclists, runners, pedestrians and children should take precedence over allowing expansion of the winery. There could also be an increase in the threat of wild land fires originating on or near the roadway due to increased traffic. Fires have started from the careless tossing of a cigarette butt to flat tires causing sparks in dry grass. The homeowners choose to live on Soda Canyon Road for the peace and quiet of the area. Their lives will be severely impacted due to the noise and safety issues that will arise if this license is granted. As residents of a rural neighborhood, we understand the threat to the quality of life and tranquility from vineyard/winery development encroaching more and more upon residential areas. Please do not grant this license.

Thank you for your consideration.