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Meeting with Fire Chief and Fire Marshall

Diane Shepp | Aug 1, 2014 on: Fire Issues

Cindy and I had a moderately productive meeting with the Napa County Fire Chief and the Interim Fire Marshall yesterday. We discussed The Caves, Relic and MPV projects, code/ordinances, emergency evacuation plans (or the lack of them), the constant stream of dump trucks from Relic to Stagecoach the past fews weeks, and the continual parade of parked large vehicles in front of the Firehouse. Cindy has some photos as well. And we asked for a Report of Incidents for the past 5 years for the Soda Canyon/Loma Vista area.

They listened attentively and answered all our questions, t the end of our meeting a call came in about a fire at the top of Atlas Peak Road, at which we adjourned.

I'm looking forward to receiving the statistics on number of incidents.

Onward, Diane

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From: Diane Shepp
Date: Fri, Aug 1, 2014 at 8:22 AM
Subject: Soda Canyon/Loma Vista
To: Scott Upton , Tim Hoyt
Cc: Cynthia Grupp

Fire Chief Upton and Fire Marshall Hoyt,

Cynthia and I appreciate you're taking the time from your busy schedule to meet yesterday afternoon. As we related, there is growing concern among our neighbors regarding the development of tourist oriented wineries on Soda Canyon Road and the potential negative effects they may and have created.

Thank you for listening to our concerns and answering specific questions about the role of the Fire Marshall in the development process of new construction, which County and State codes and ordinances are relevant, and who to speak to regarding an Emergency Evacuation Plan for Soda Canyon Road, weed abatement and abandoned vehicle enforcement.

Your support of the Soda Canyon Volunteer Fire Department and help with posting signs or other measures to ensure that the driveway and parking area are kept clear for emergency vehicle use only, is appreciated. We look forward to receiving the Incident Statistical Report for the Soda Canyon/Loma Vista area for the past five years.

Thank you for helping us keep the Soda Canyon/Loma Vista area as safe as possible.

Best regards,