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The chain winery
Bill Hocker | Jan 10, 2019 on: Tourism Issues

Napa's newest tourist attraction

Update 1/10/19
NVR 1/10/19: Napa County hits The Prisoner winery with code violation notice

NVR 11/22/18: Pick your poison: chains or a skeleton: The Prisoner winery opens

"This is not Disneyland. I think it is just agriculture in the 21st Century."
  -Supervisor Alfredo Pedroza.

From Tim Carl's article:
"It would have been hard to imagine Robert Mondavi wineries dotted around the globe, but it would not be surprising to see Prisoner "wineries" pop up in places like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, London and Tokyo. With this change you certainly have an "evolution."

There are many things to like about this new winery (high quality, decent pricing, support of small growers), but there are things that are also of concern (a blurring of the lines between restaurants and wineries, the use of imprisonment as a form of entertainment and the erasing of a prior iconic wine brand without any sense of gratitude or remembrance). However the bigger concern might be that the loss of a sense of place will harm other local businesses, especially if other wineries widely adopt such strategies.

Mr. Carl's take on this theme-park winery, a wine version of the Hard Rock Cafe or Planet Hollywood, has succinctly highlighted the distorting effect of the corporate/plutocrat quest for mass-market tourism and branding that is steadily turning an authentic place with an enviable history into something else entirely.