SodaCanyonRoad | AmCan Planning Commission approves Watson Ranch (again)

AmCan Planning Commission approves Watson Ranch (again)
Bill Hocker | Nov 27, 2020 on: Watson Ranch

NVR 11/27/20: American Canyon's massive Watson Ranch nears building phase
The first group of 98 homes, the vanguard of the 1200 unit development, has been approved by the Planning Commission. Bay Area suburban sprawl comes ever closer to consuming Napa Valley.

NVR 10/17/18: American Canyon council approves expansive Watson Ranch development after years of study

AmCan Eagle 10/11/18: American Canyon planners approve Watson Ranch despite late opposition

Sigh! From the EIR: "significant and unavoidable impacts with respect to: air quality and greenhouse gas emissions, noise, and transportation and traffic." There would seem to be no limits to the damage government officials will visit on their constituents in support of their patrons.