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NV2050 Admin | May 8, 2018 on: Heliport Initiative 2018

If you do care about keeping Napa a quiet, rural valley... PLEASE VOTE YES on D!

Have you ever lived under a helicopter path? Maybe you should ask someone who has! We’ve heard also that several owners are supposedly in the wings waiting to apply for backyard helipads upon the outcome of this election. Keep our skies and neighborhoods safe, clean and quiet.

HOW can YOU help?
  • PLEASE Forward this email message to ALL your Napa County friends! (put friends’ names in the BCC field to insure privacy and prevent 'reply to all’ messaging)
  • Post 'VOTE YES ON D’ on your social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, NextDoor..)
  • Place Postcard (sent in mail) in your car window or house window….
  • Put up a Yard Sign: VOTE YES ON D/NO PERSONAL HELIPADS (signs currently on order with NapaVision2050, but make your own for now)
  • Volunteer for tabling at Farmers’ Markets or canvassing neighborhoods
  • Write a Letter to Editor of Napa Register, Weekly Calistoga, St. Helena Star, American Canyon Eagle
  • Donate campaign $ — Mail check or click DONATE button here (Write in “notes” for Measure D)
  • Don’t forget to VOTE!!! Yes on D — Watch your mail for the ballot

Don't let the opposition's arguments fool you. READ the existing statute and the proposed measure word for word. In essence, Measure D simply controls "PERSONAL HELICOPTER USE" to ensure Napa neighbors...its primary citizens, enjoy the life we pay for (through taxes) without threat to property values or quality of life. Helicopters by PG&E, Cal Fire, Police, Emergency Medical services are all operating right now and land wherever they need to. Measure D precludes future personal use heliports AND specifies under what conditions helicopters performing aerial agricultural operations may land at vineyards. It does nothing else. Measure D does NOT change existing laws relative to allowing PG&E and emergency services to serve and protect you and me. That would be ridiculous.

TAKE A LISTEN (turn up your volume) to what it sounds like when a heliport is in YOUR neighborhood!

YES on D ensures that rural Napa remains pristine...sight and SOUND! YES on D...because it IS personal!


Thank you!

George Caloyannidis - May 8, 2018 4:09PM

Tuesday, May 08, 2018 2:18 PM Tittel/Caloyannidis wrote:

Sorry we will miss you again Bill.

You state that "those organizing the NO campaign listed me first on the ballot arguments".

The ballot arguments are signed by yourself and cosigned by Peter White, Brian Bottari and Matthew Higginbotham. I have a hard time understanding who is the one who "listed" you without them signing the arguments.

If you can clarify this, I will add it in reading your statement at tomorrow's forum as to why you are unable to attend.


On 5/3/18 10:44 AM (GMT-08:00) Bill Dodd wrote:


I regret that the event conflicts with my legislative schedule in Sacramento.

While I don’t apologize for my opposition of Measure D, I regret that those organizing the NO campaign listed me first on the ballot arguments and somehow thrusting me as a de facto leader of the opposition, which I am not.

I bear no ill will towards you or the Yes on D supporters. I believe you are doing this with goodwill and good intention. I simply have a different viewpoint on the initiative process and their negative consequences to our County and it’s processes.

Best wishes,


On May 2, 2018, at 8:30 AM, Tittel/Caloyannidis wrote:

Dear Senator Dodd and Vice Mayor White,

Napa Vision 2050 has organized a forum to discuss Measure D.
Following a brief presentation by me, you may make your own presentation and we will both be given equal opportunity to answer questions by the public.
The forum will be held at the Native Sons hall from 6:30 to 7:30 pm on Wednesday, May 9, 2018.
We would be honored if you would attend.