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PG&E update
Shelle Wolfe | Oct 18, 2017 on: The Atlas Fire

Hi All,

Cindy just heard from her new best friend at PG&E - please have a seat before reading on, so you don't fall over.

PG&E has only energized � mile of SCR! They keep finding new problems that need work along the way. The damage was MUCH worse than they originally believed. They have helicopters flying in telephone poles, and as many crews up there as they can get.

Also, they are still doing forensic work up there looking for remains ☹

New estimate is 5 - 7-ish days before we can go home. I'm stunned.

Cindy also said again that there ARE ag passes available, but you have to show your ag business credentials to get one. NO grapes are being picked at this time according to PG&E, but Elisabeth said Glenn Salva said they sent up a truck with four pickers. But No passes for picking. Very confusing. Worth checking on the county site if you feel that you have a legitimate way to get up there.

The incredible losses still being suffered!

Truly, one day at a time.

Glenn & Judy Schreuder - Oct 18, 2017 12:32PM

Hmm, well having seen what I saw this does not surprise me in the least. The destruction was a good 5-6 mile run of destruction. Patience is on the order.

I think we will need to see if they will start allowing those of us who can operate on generators to return in the evenings to keep things running along. Just wish they would come up with a good plan for those of us who are able to still sustain things.

I am happy to go talk to whomever if I knew who the right person was. I've talked with the Ag Commissioner's office in person yesterday and by phone this morning.

Maybe they should just send us all on a tropical vacation until it's done. I'm down.

Will continue to share anything I learn.

Judy Schreuder

Anne Palotas - Oct 18, 2017 12:18PM

This is as I anticipated. I believe the challenges may be even greater than what they are actually anticipating now. This could take weeks. Consider that PG&E may re-engineer the installation of the lines to preclude issues in the future. This might have right of way ramifications on our properties.

In the short term we will need to get access to our properties even for a 3-4 hours period - for now, just to address all the issues we have.

We need to coordinate an effort to get this to happen. I am open for suggestions as how to proceed. Should we contact Alfredo en masse in a suitably coordinated effort? We could use the participants in this email thread for starters.

Currently nothing has been updated on the PG&E site since the 16th. I have signed up for updates and have yet to hear anything new.