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Stagecoach rocks
Alan Shepp | Nov 25, 2015 on: The Rector Watershed

[Email to Yountville Mayor John Dunbar 11/25/15]


Diane and I live within the Rector Watershed and we have also questioned the explosion of vineyard development in this area. I would like you to be aware that another problematic business exists which is located on the Stagecoach property, a stone and gravel business with rock crushing machines and which involves a continuous cadre of trucks ferrying the material up and down Soda Canyon road. I do not know if they quarry the stone or if the stone is residue from the excavation of vineyard clearing and/or if the are required to have a permit since the rock and gravel site is within the Rector watershed.

Is there a water use for the rock and gravel business? As with SYAR is an EIR required for a rock and gravel business, particularly within a sensitive watershed? Are there safeguards at the gravel and rock site for erosion and sediment that may enter the Rector reservoir? The landscape in the Rector plateau has already lost thousands of oak and other native species due to the expansion of vineyards. The rock and gravel business adds another factor that may impact the reservoir and the water supply for Yountville and the Veterans home.


Alan Shepp

Alan Shepp - Dec 14, 2015 9:19PM

[Additional email sent to Planning Dir. McDowell on 12/13/15]
Deputy Director John McDowell,

My wife and I live within the Rector Watershed at the top of Soda Canyon road where we have witnessed the rampant development of vineyards. We have questioned the expansion of vineyard permits within the watershed and the possible implications of water depletion and sediment caused by erosion that may drain into the Rector Reservoir water supply for Yountville and the Veteran's Home. and, the elimination of native species, both flora and fauna.

Of equal concern regarding decimation of the watershed is the Krupp Brothers, LLC, rock and gravel quarrying business. What kind of permit was issued for this business and was an EIR required as with the SYAR quarry? The 18 wheel transfer trucks that continuously travel the gravel and paved roads of Soda Canyon do considerable damage to the roads. Are there any County plans for future improvements on the road?

I have attached a map of the Rector Watershed that show the present and proposed future development of this watershed, the most developed watershed in Napa County.


Alan Shepp

[email response from County planner Brian Bordana]

Mr. Shepp

An EIR and Erosion Control Plan were approved for the Krupp Brothers project on 10/7/08. The project anticipated the creation of rock as a result of soil preparation as well as the crushing of the rock for purposes of resurfacing and maintaining new and existing roads. Rock pile locations we specified on the plans and are intended to be temporary.

It is my understanding that a limited amount of off-hauling of rock is allowed without triggering permit requirements similar to Syar.

Regarding impacts to the condition of Soda Canyon road, I can speak with the roads department to see if there are any plans for resurfacing in the near term.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions or concerns you may have.


Allen Shepp Responds:

Regarding our e-mail conversations about the Rector Watershed and the Krupp rock and gravel quarry:

As you mentioned, the Krupp LLC permit allows for rock crushing and the making of gravel to be used on the roads within the Krupp vineyard area.

Does the quarrying permit also grant commerce to Krupp LLC? If so, please inform me of the parameters of his permit. If not, then why are his transfer trucks plying loads down Soda Canyon Rd.?

Alan Shepp