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Fire Rebuilding Update

Bill Hocker | Feb 6, 2019 on: After The Fire

At the Feb 6th, 2019 Planning Commission meeting, Planning Director Morrison went over the statistics of the rebuilding process after the Oct 2017 and Sep 2018 fires.

  • 662 homes were burned in the fires
  • To date 200 permit applications have been submitted for home rebuilding (30% of total)
  • 150 permits have been issued
  • 5 houses have been rebuilt
  • The assessors valuation of all fire property damage: $750,000,000
  • 1000 permit applications have been received for all types of fire reconstruction (including homes) which represent $200,000,000 in valuation (under 20% of total lost)
  • 32% of the building fees were waived for fire rebuilding applications representing $1,100,000 in fees.

He reiterated that rebuilding from the fire will be a long process.