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Yountville Hill DEIR Hearing Aug 3rd (updated)

Bill Hocker | Jul 28, 2016 on: Yountville Hill

The DEIR for the Yountville Hill tourist attraction is on the county's Yountville Hill page here. All significant environmental concerns mitigated to less-than-significant on paper, of course. An Executive Summary of the DEIR is here

A Planning Commission public hearing on the DEIR will be held on August 3rd, 2016 beginning at 9:00am. Letters of concern may be addressed to County planner Sean Trippi through Aug 15th, 2016 (extended to Sept 29th)

Latest email:

Together with the law firm, Shute Mihaly & Weinberger, we have been preparing our comments on the recently released Draft Environmental Report (DEIR) for the Yountville Hill Winery project.

We plan to address the Planning Commission with oral comments at the August 3rd Planning Commission hearing of the DEIR, and are preparing written comments for the current August 15th deadline.

County staff is recommending a 15-day extension to the August 15th deadline, but due to the complexity and volume of the DEIR, in addition to the demands of this yearís early harvest, we are asking for a 45-day extension to adequately review the document. On August 3rd, the Planning Commission will decide on whether they will grant an extension. We encourage you to email your request for a 45-day extension to the Planning Commission and/or speak to this point at the hearing.

We also strongly encourage you to attend the August 3rd Planning Commission hearing of the Yountville Hill Winery DEIR at 1:30pm at 1195 Third Street, Suite 210.

Staff will introduce the project.
Applicant will provide an overview of the proposal
Ascent Environment consultants will present the various sections of the DEIR, including their analyses and conclusions.
Public will be provided an opportunity to comment on the adequacy of the DEIR.

If you are interested in speaking at the August 3rd public hearing and would like assistance in preparing talking points, please feel free to contact us via email at

Again, thank you for supporting Save Yountville Hillís efforts and we hope to see you next Wednesday, August 3rd.

Save Yountville Hill