SodaCanyonRoad | NV2050 March Community Meeting & April Economic Forum

NV2050 March Community Meeting & April Economic Forum

Daniel Mufson | Feb 6, 2016 on: Napa Vision 2050

Wednesday March 2, 2016, 7-9 PM

NapaVision2050 Community Meeting

Location Napa Valley College: The Little Theater (Building 1200-Room 1231) map

NapaVision 2050 is one year old. Please plan to attend our first anniversary meeting on March 2 to see our report card and get updates on the most important issues before us.

    Welcome & First Annual Report (Dan Mufson)
    Exploring the Tourism-Economy (George Caloyannidis)
    Syar Quarry-Public Health Aspects (Kathy Felch)
    Heli-No! The Palmaz Heliport (Rob Purcell)
    Is County Government Responsive to our Needs? (Diane Shepp)
    Water, Forest and Oak Woodland Protection Initiative of 2016 (Jim Wilson)
    Open Discussion

Friday, April 1, 2016, 8 AM through the afternoon

Economic Forum Sponsored by Napa Vision 2050:
The Tourism-Based Economy

Program Goals: We have assembled three experts to provide a framework to analyze the benefits and costs of a tourism-driven economy. Benefits and costs are environmental, fiscal and social. The panel will explore the various parameters and limits of each. We hope this forum will open the dialogue, and provide the framework, to plan for sustainable growth in Napa County.


The Social Impacts--Samuel Mendlinger Ph.D., Boston University
The Fiscal Impacts--Eben Fodor, Fodor & Associates, Oregon
The Environmental/Traffic Impacts--Susan Handy Ph.D., UCDavis
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