The traffic jam (aka American Canyon) lengthens
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Bill Hocker | Oct 29, 2015

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The EIR traffic analysis

Another strip mall is being built at the edge of American Canyon - the first phase of 143000 sf of buildings and 148 apartments floating in a 565 car parking lot just north of the Wallmart parking lot. The traffic load: 5065 new trips/day plus 3000 trips/day from cars just passing through (huh?).

And how is all this traffic to be mitigated at the AmCan intersections that are already operating at level of service F (gridlock) during peak hours? Payment of traffic impact fees toward the construction of improvements to Hwy 29 that are supposed to solve all of Napa's access problems - some time in the future. State taxpayers still haven't coughed up the real money for the Hwy 29 improvements, and they will never happen fast enough to keep up with the development already happening in the county. The delay at the 29/Napa Junction intersection once this mall is built is designated as "OVR" - meaning a delay of over 1000 secs, or 16 minutes. They don't say how much over.

The mitigation fees will no doubt be used for other unfunded impacts of the project - like the inevitable overrun costs of the greywater line. No mitigation of the traffic on 29 will happen, and the backup at the signals will become ever longer. Well, perhaps some mitigation: as the discretionary travelers (i.e. tourists) give up coming to the Napa Valley because of gridlock, some current traffic may be reduced.

What do American Canyon residents really get out of this development? Higher taxes of course, longer waits in traffic, and maybe a closer Micheal's or Taco Bell. (Tractor Supply Co? Hard to farm parking lots and housing tracts) What does the city get out of the development? More storm drains to unclog, more robberies to investigate, more fires to put out, more kids to school, more water worries. What do the developers get? Money.

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