Davies Winery St. Helena
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Bill Hocker | Nov 17, 2015

Update 11/8/2017
Casetext: Citizen's Voice St. Helena v. City of St. Helena

Update 11/17/15
NVR 11/17/15: Davies winery opponents to appeal judge's ruling
SH Star 7/1/15: Judge hears arguments on Davies lawsuit
Robin Daniel Lail LTE 6/29/15: Davies project threatens our character and culture

The real question is what kind of place do the residents of St. Helena want to live in. Just as maintaining the vineyards meant restricting the amount of profit farmers could make from their land to retain an agricultural economy, restricting the profitability of urban parcels will be necessary to retain a small-town community. Unfortunately St. Helena, desperate for the easy money of TOT, will probably veer ever further in the direction of Yountville, a Potemkin village that presents the image of a small town for the benefit of its predominantly transient population. There will be healthy revenues to support an almost nonexistent resident population, as people seeking authentic small town life move to Oregon. Those that work in the tourist venues will not, of course, be able to afford to live there.

LTE's about the Davis WInery

Zoning procedures, EIRs protect us
Let's protect St. Helena as it is
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NVR Editorial Bd 2/3/15: Working together
SH Star Editorial Bd 1/28/15: Too many questions, not enough answers

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