Sonoma showdown over drawdown
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Carl Bunch | Jun 5, 2015

Interesting and important article in the Sonoma Index Tribune dated June 2 regarding watershed depletion issues at a mega winery in Sonoma County.

Sonoma Index-Tribune: No water for mega-wine warehouse?


Eve Kahn adds:
Very interesting article. I especially like the part about these wineries all using Napa County fruit! And we want to know where our grapes are going - here's one place we can quote. Wonder why they didn't put this facility in the airport industrial area?


Bill Hocker adds:
I've forgotten now: if Napa grapes are cellared and bottled in Sonoma is that Napa wine or Sonoma wine? The issue of Napa grapes moving to Sonoma County to be processed may be the inevitable consequence of ever stricter regulation of wineries in Napa county. No doubt Napa grapes are going to head to the new Caymus facility in Fairfield. While we preservationists may see this as a good thing, others in the County may not. And it raises the possibility that the only economic reason that any winery will have to remain in Napa County is to be as a tourist venue.

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