Protect Rural Napa
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Bill Hocker | May 14, 2015

Protect Rural Napa

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Protect Rural Napa has been created in an effort to reinforce the original intentions of the Ag Preserve through local community support and action. As residents , we have the opportunity to challenge the adverse impacts of commercial opportunism that the county has seemed to encourage in the last few years. We need to act on that opportunity.

Protect Rural Napa, established in 2014, is a public benefit corporation, dedicated to:
Promoting awareness of land conservation in environmentally sensitive areas in Napa County.
  • Preserving the agricultural nature of the County of Napa.
  • Providing educational outreach materials to affected areas, including neighborhoods and residents of Napa County.
  • Making grants to organizations that share a similar specific purpose.

Mailing Address:
    Protect Rural Napa
    P.O. Box 5184
    Napa, CA 94581

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