Napa Custom Crush protest #5
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Alan Shepp | Apr 30, 2015

Ms. Gardner-Gambill, Mr. John McDowell, Mr. David Morrison
Please forward my letter to all members of the Planning Commission

The illegal digging of a portal in the caves of Waugh Cellars on Soda Canyon illustrates the past, but hopefully not the future, lack of enforcement by the Napa County Planning Commission. Rules and regulations are meaningless unless they are enforced. The "do as you wish" attitude is pervasive within the permitting process by those who flaunt the rules realizing that a "slap on the wrist" fine is a welcome payment for circumventing the guidelines, this must end.

Lack of enforcement has encouraged this behavior. Financial penalties and self regulation have proven to be ineffective. The planning commission has the opportunity to redeem past actions by issuing a cease and desist order for all visitation to the Waugh Cellars, sealing of the illegal portal, restoration of the original environment and to pay a substantial monetary fine, thereby sending a signal to all future applicants that the Commission no longer will tolerate permit abuse.

Thank you.

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