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Amber Manfree | Sep 18, 2014

Dear Neighbors,

I am emailing you to inform you that Relic Winery, located at 2400 Soda Canyon Road, has applied for a Type 02 Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) license. If granted, this license would permit on-site sales, tours and tastings at 2400 Soda Canyon Road. The license application information can be viewed on the ABC website:

As a concerned citizen and neighbor, you have a right to oppose the issuance of an ABC license to the applicant by e-mailing a protest to the ABC before SEPTEMBER 25th, 2014.

Please see the two forms attached and ABC's instructions and advice in the links below.
Protest Form:
Declaration Form:
Information Regarding Protests:
E-Mail address:

If you email your protest ABC in a timely manner (before 09/25/14) you must also mail hard copies of the two forms to be received by the Santa Rosa ABC office before October 3rd, 2014.

This mailing address is:
Attn: Judy Barrett
Alcohol Beverage Control
50 D Street, Room 130
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

If you prefer to send just a hard copy of your protest this must be received by the Santa Rosa office of the ABC before September 25th 2014.

Your neighbors who oppose the granting of this permit would greatly appreciate it if you would consider writing your letter of protest, in your own words, to show your support for our efforts to try to stop further degradation of what has already become a dangerous traffic situation on the roadway and our efforts to try to help mitigate the potential for wild land fires.
Some of the neighbors' concerns are that the issuance of this 02 Alcohol license will contribute to the following:

• A measurable increase in the traffic volume on Soda Canyon Road which is already significantly degraded and not up to contemporary standards for the type of traffic it carries on a daily basis.
• A material decrease in overall safety for neighbors vehicles, bicyclists, runners and pedestrians, particularly for our children and grandchildren.
• An eventual increase in the number of vehicular accidents.
• An increase in the threat of wild land fire originating on or near the roadway.
• A meaningful decrease in the quality of life and quiet enjoyment by owners of residential property, not only for our neighbors who live nearby 2400 Soda Canyon Road but, for all neighbors who live on or nearby the roadway and have to deal with the noise and safety issues of the already busy roadway on a daily basis.

If you oppose the granting of this license, you can exercise your right to file a written protest as described above.
Lodging a written protest does not require you to attend the public hearing, however attending the public hearing can be both informative and effective.

A personal written protest stating your opinion on the matter is required in order to be considered by ABC.

However, if you do want to attend the hearing, your written protest will ensure you can speak at the public hearing. Those of you who attended the Caves at Soda Canyon license hearing will remember that the Administrative Law Judge would not permit anyone but Ruth Walz to speak because she was the only neighbor who had written a protest.

Attending the hearing will also result a unique opportunity to learn more about some of the key issues that we face as actual residents of Soda Canyon, Loma Vista and Ridge Road. Many of us are increasingly concerned about preserving this naturally majestic setting that we have come to love as well as our peaceful, private way of life.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this e-mail and thank you for considering this opportunity to exercise your right as a citizen and member of the community to oppose the issuance of this proposed Type 02 Alcohol license.

Kind Regards,


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