The Caves: a scam from day one?
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Bill Hocker | May 7, 2015

Update 6/7/15: OMG! Ex-Connolly Ranch director charged with identity theft

This email was sent to Supervisors Brad Wagenknecht and Diane Dillon in response to an article on the caves request for a use permit to legalize an illegally constructed 4th portal in their project


From: Bob Pallas
Sent: Tuesday, April 07, 2015 8:27 AM
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Subject: Register article: County planners ponder unauthorized winery construction

Hi Brad & Diane,

I’m writing to you to comment on the article that recently appeared in the Napa Valley Register: County planners ponder unauthorized winery construction

Way before the plans were approved and construction began on the Caves at Soda Canyon, my wife and I were invited to review the proposed project because we, at the time, were owners of two parcels adjacent to the Caves project. The then partners, Ryan Waugh and Gary Houck, invited us to Mr. Houck’s home at Silverado Country Club for a presentation of the project and to review the drawings and plans. In that meeting it was very clear that they had intentions of having a valley facing portal even though the plans did not include this. It was a “wink and nod” admission that they were going to submit one set of plans for approval and then dig the additional portal after the fact.

After the project was completed and opened for business, it was powered by large and loud generators which upset us and the surrounding neighbors. Mr. Waugh, once again, gave little regard for the rules and regulations . . . and neighbors. The fact is, Mr. Waugh (and Mr. Houck) specifically told us that power would be brought to the site underground. We found it odd that the road was constructed without trenching for the underground power. Once again, they presented one plan to appease us and executed another.

As you read the comments prompted by the Register’s article, I hope you will listen to the people and correct this wrong-doing.

We have since sold both of our parcels so the Caves at Soda Canyon do not directly affect us.

Bob Pallas


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