Napa Custom Crush protest #4
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Ginna Beharry | Mar 30, 2015

I am not a resident of Soda Canyon Road, but I write to express my overwhelming dismay that the Planning Department could recommend retroactive approval of a plan by an owner who flagrantly ignored County regulations and who has operated outside the parameters of an existing use permit. This applicant should be forced to undo all the unpermitted work as well as to restore the natural environment that was destroyed in the process of operating without proper permits.

How can Napa County residents possibly believe that our local government is dedicated to the Mission, a Statement of Vision and Core Values as stated on the County website? Please read what I have copied below and then act in concert with those statements by denying this modification and by REDUCING visitation privileges as a consequence for such unlawful behavior that is so disrespectful of the surrounding neighborhood.

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