Caves "itty bitty permit variance"
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Chris Miller | Mar 3, 2015

Ms. Gambill,

I am exasperated by the fact that the Caves developed beyond the scope of their permit while shunning their obligations to complete the project that was permitted. While the residents of Soda Canyon continue to listen to the drone of the Caves generator and gaze at the eyesore of an exposed winery storage space on a raw, excavated hillside they are seeking retroactive approval for construction that was not allowed. That this approval is even being considered rather than first insisting that they clean up their operation makes no sense at all.

I would hope the county would insist that the Caves resolve the problem with the easement needed to connect to quiet PGE electricity and then immediately make the connection, complete the installation of vegetation to conceal the rubble of their various racks, bins, vehicles and lights from the residents of Soda Canyon, remove the ridge top “observation deck”, and close/eliminate the western portal of the permit-violating cave they are attempting to retroactively permit. If they do not comply with all of these, shut them down! I am still amazed they were granted an operating permit with so many flagrant loose ends.

Theirs is an absurd project and they've been manipulating the county and ignoring the neighborhood for too long.

Please reconsider your position on this and understand that the economic benefits of this awkward project are far outweighed by the needs for the aesthetic and cultural survival of rural Napa County and the comfort and security of its residents.


Chris Miller

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