Bootleggers! The Caves pulls a fast one.
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Cindy Grupp | Feb 20, 2015

I've attached the notice which I received on Tuesday, and also the plans, which were not attached to the notice. David went down to the Planning Dept yesterday and got the plans and today the planner also emailed them to me.

Napa Custom Crush is The Caves of Soda Canyon. I'm not sure of the date that they were issued an occupancy permit but it has been several years. They are still operating with only a generator. Presumably a really big one.

The 4th portal that they are asking the Planning Dept. to now, "recognize and allow" was built years ago. It's only purpose is to give them a spectacular view for their wine tastings. Apparently it wasn't in their original permit application or shown on their plans submitted with that application. Their contractor (same one Relic used) drilled this cave all the way through the side of the ridge without a permit.

As David said, they planner was originally going to approve this application. She has now extended the period for written comments through all of March. She's also offered a meeting with herself and David Morrison to discuss concerns.

The drawings are here

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