Winery Waste Public Forum: Jan 27, 1015
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Bill Hocker | Jan 26, 2015

[My own little screed on the winery waste issue is here]

Jeff Tucker, Director of Administrative Services/Chief Financial Officer Napa Sanitation District
1515 Soscol Ferry Road, Napa, CA 94558
Office: 707-258-6000
Direct: 707-258-6012
Cell: 707-312-1591
Fax: 707-258-6048

Reminder: Please RSVP if you will be attending this community discussion. We would like to see you there and hear your input!

Winery Waste Public Forum January 27, 2015

The Napa Sanitation District is hosting a community discussion on winery waste. The existing solutions, either trucking millions of gallons of winery waste annually from Napa County down to the East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EMBUD), or constructing and operating pretreatment systems, can be costly and time consuming to manage. Trucking has the additional problem of leaving a significant carbon footprint. The purpose of the public forum is to explore various options available to the community for a less expensive alternative to managing this waste and reduce the carbon impact of trucking waste.

You are Invited to Attend

The District is inviting those in the community who have an interest is discussing a solution to this problem to attend the Public Forum. This includes wineries that are currently trucking waste, those who currently pretreat and/or discharge to Napa Sanitation, those looking to locate winery facilities in the area, and those who have an interest in helping wineries with new locations or with designing systems for managing this waste.

Please RSVP and attend this important discussion.

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