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Bill Hocker | Jan 8, 2015

Calistoga decides to double its population:

Rules relaxed for granny units
Dannyboy's comment to the article is right on target. The developers pocket their profits and the community picks up the burden of providing employee housing.

Calistoga Hills Resort:

An LTE from Bill Dyer: State Forestry and the public trust

And this: New owners of Calistoga Hills introduced

In the comments, a real estate broker asks why an investor would buy a property that has run into approval problems. The answer: the combination of excess wealth and brand-name, high-life lust among Chinese plutocrats makes Napa a prime target for otherwise dubious investments. Read more here - particularly the last paragraph. Mountain Peak Vineyards proposed next to us on Soda Canyon Road is a similar situation. There are numerous other examples in the county. And many more examples here.

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