Larkmead Vineyards Major Modification, Jan 21st
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Bill Hocker | Dec 31, 2014

The Larkmead Vineyards request involves an additional 39,000 gal/yr, approx 24000 additional visitor slots, longer hours, 10 more parking spaces, 15 more staff, an upgrade to the sanitary system to handle all that food. Larkmead Vineyards and Girard Winery, both on the outskirts of Calistoga, will be coming up before the planning commission on the same day, Jan 21st. Larkmead is on Larkmead Lane here.

Just between the two wineries an additional 80 cars will be making the trip upvalley each day, through American Canyon and St. Helena. If the two have their major events on the same day 350 parking spaces (3 football fields) need to be found in the south Calistoga area. There are, of course, dozens of other vineyards that can be developed under the current WDO into tourist wineries in south Calistoga. Perhaps a few of them could also be used as parking lots, a more profitable use than agriculture in any case.

There are currently 40 major projects in the planning department. That means that 2 or so will have to come before each planning commission meeting during the next year to deal with them. Of course, others will be added in the meantime.

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