Projects coming up in December right before the holidays!
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Bill Hocker | Nov 30, 2014

On December 16th the Yountville Hill Appeal will be coming up before the Board of Supervisors.

On December 17th a biggie! unknown to the general public until now: the Girard Winery, a new 200,000 gal/year winery on vineyard land across from the Clos Pegase winery in Calistoga, less than a mile form the Calistoga Hills Resort. There will be 30,500 yearly visitor slots. The Planning Department seems to be up to their same old policies: the email notification for this project was sent out barely 20 days prior to the hearing, and right during the holiday chaos! The fix is in!

Also on December 17th The Raymond Winery expansion is again coming up before the Planning Commission. No word on whether a mitigation agreement has been made between neighbors and the winery.

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