Bill Dodd's parting words of wisdom
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Jim Wilson | Nov 25, 2014

In case you missed this morning's BOS meeting, some last words from Bill Dodd.
First, to me and Dan, informally, just before the meeting started (paraphrasing):
    -Don't be down on Napa Government . Keep pushing your issue. People are listening. They're hearing what you're saying especially on WALT.

Then from his farewell speech:
    -Our Napa County staff are second to none.
    -Thanks to Keith Caldwell MST is done. He doesn't ask for credit, he just knew it was needed. [We need to meet with Keith]
    -Our management staff blows me away how competent and smart these people are. They are RAISING THE BAR and I am very very impressed with them.
    -I have never stopped valuing our County employees - all their hard work, the General Plan, emergencies. The best.
    -I do this job for a reason. It blows my mind, with all the naysayers, we live in the greatest place ever.

I wonder if the other supervisors feel that way. They also recognized Bill as a guy who always put his family first, and was always available for his constituents. [I'll admit I'll miss him since he was okay by our family. We knew him from church and school as kids. See Leonore's ode to him and his recently deceased mother. She read it to him from the podium during a BOS meeting last year.]

Soooo. Perhaps we can add to Bill's earlier admonition to stick to the facts, like: Yes, we're not naysayers, and yes we love this place! We love our families, we're the best, and yes we're here to help raise the bar! (and draw the line...)


[Jim- you make me feel bad that I brought up the campaign contributions in my Woolls summary. -BH.]

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