Stop Building on Undeveloped Land
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Bill Hocker | Aug 30, 2014

From the 1990 WDO:
Any project that directly or indirectly results in the removal of existing or potential vineyard land from use depletes the inventory of such land forever.

The best solution to halt the pernicious transfer from an agricultural to a tourist economy is to stop building on undeveloped land.

1. No vineyard acreage, or acerage that was vineyard in the last 25 years but is now fallow, should be removed from the ag preserve or ag watershed zones. Period. Such properties should not only be ineligible for commercial/industrial construction, like wineries, but for residential construction as well.

2. Properties that are raw land suitable for vineyard development, meaning adequate water availability and reasonable access, should not be allowed to develop beyond agriculture - no houses, no wineries. Agriculture should mean agriculture.

3. New wineries may be developed on parcels larger than 40 acres in AP zones and 160 acres in AW zones if an existing developed area on the property can be converted to winery use, but the decrease of plantable land on the property should be prohibited.

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