Develop a public Napa wine market
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Bill Hocker | Aug 23, 2014

Update 9/4/21
NVR 9/4/21: IItalian Lessons: Mia Carta: not just another tasting room in Napa

As mentioned below, Mia Carta follows the Vintner's Collective model of an accessible, multi-vintner tasting room, making more of Napa's many labels accessible to buyers uninterested in a $75 tasting each time they want to try a different wine. Small steps toward the kind of Napa Public Wine Market that might become a significant a tourist destination.

Update 7/14/15:
Under the latest development proposal the Culinary Institute of America is to occupy the Copia building. It is not too late to consider the incorporation of a Wine Market Hall as a part of the project.

One of the greatest rationales for encouraging tourism to wineries is that direct-to-consumer marketing is necessary for profitability. But those visits have impacts on vineyard property development, on neighborhoods and on Napa roadways. While winery tours and tastings need to be a part of the napa experience it should also be possible for tourists to taste the wines of remote and small producers without the necessity of driving. A wine market in each Napa town, showcasing the smaller vintners in their vicinity should be created and even subsidized if necessary. Remote tasting only allows a small number of vineyards to be visited while a wine market allows the full spectrum of wines produced in the valley to be sampled. The main wine market should be in Napa and what better place than Copia. Copia should also be an event center for the large events (250 people or more) that wineries are requesting to host now. It is a place that can provide the adequate infrastructure for large events.

Dan McFadden's Letter to the NVR regarding the use of Copia

It should also be noted that the urban multi-winery tasting room concept is alive and well: the Vintners Collective in downtown Napa represents a tourism impact friendly approach to local marketing of small wineries.

My own modest proposal for the new Napa Valley Wine Market Halls adjacent to the Copia Event Center is here:

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