Update 8/28/20
PG&E has just emailed a notice:

Service has been restored!

Also a Napa County WIldfire Assistance Center is now open to support people affected by the fire. The notice is here

As of 8/25/20 the power at the end of Soda Canyon Road is still off. The PG&E map shows an outage cone spreading from a point on Atlas Peak Road which seems to imply that the 4 properties at the end of the gravel road, and perhaps more, get their power from Atlas peak road rather than Soda Canyon Road.

Access to the latest PG&E power outage map is here: https://m.pge.com/#outages Type in "3360 soda canyon road" under "Search and Report Outage". You can be sent an email when service is restored.

I went to the Manfree's on Monday. Amber and the rest of the family are there cleaning up trees that had toppled after the fires. The fire burned patches all around the house and burned up the pool house. Other structures, the water tank and solar collectors were untouched.

Atlas Peak behind their house looked like this:

The house next door to the north, tragically, was completely burned:

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