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Bill Hocker | May 18, 2018

George Caloyannidis sends this from Daryl Roberts:

Join me and vote yes on Measure D

Please join me and vote "yes" on Measure "D" on the June ballot. Measure "D" will prohibit private helicopter and helicopter taxi service takeoffs and landings in Napa County. Such a prohibition is necessary to eliminate noisy and accident-prone helicopter takeoffs and landings in our neighborhoods. Law enforcement, utility and emergency services are of course exempted.

The need for Measure "D" arose out of the Palmaz family's request to the County for approval for a private helicopter port, and the County's disregard of the Palmaz' neighbors' legitimate opposition to this unnecessary and intrusive request. Imagine having helicopters take off and land on your neighbor's property all day long!

Be prepared for dirty tricks and slick campaign advertisements in opposition to Measure "D". Opponents will ascribe provisions to it which it plainly doesn't have, such as regulating helicopter air traffic or who may or may not be a helicopter passenger. Also, beware of opposition from Senator Bill Dodd. In voting against the ordinance, approved in 2004, which prohibits helicopter landings at wineries, he predicted financial doom for the valley and numerous law suits, both of which never materialized. He is back as the author of the Argument against Measure D on the ballot in which he makes the same untrue assertions that Measure "D" will impede firefighting, medical services, and the replacement of power lines and poles. Remember, it was Dodd who, on behalf of Palmaz, tried to interfere with the District Attorney's 2007 lawsuit against the Palmaz for illegally grading hillsides and filling in wetlands, a suit which resulted in a $550,000 penalty and the requirement to rip out illegally planted vineyards and restore protected wetlands. It's clear that Dodd obviously favors the interests of the Palmaz over the rest of us, which is why his arguments should be taken with a grain of salt.

Don't be fooled � join me and vote "yes" on D.

Daryl Roberts
Retired Napa Deputy District Attorney

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