I am commenting on behalf of Marlene Mansfield, 3361 Soda Canyon Road. Marlene is safe and staying with her brother/sister-in-law (me) in Pleasant Hill CA. We have had contact with George and Elaine Baker; they are safe as well.
We are trying to stay closely connected to this site, as we just discovered it a day or two ago and have gotten so much information from the updates. Marlene and the Bakers had helicopters land to take them out on Monday, but they opted to drive out. Marlene said she could not believe the devastation; she was really not aware of how bad things were. George Baker was allowed to go up SCR several days ago and was able to tell Marlene that both their homes were still standing.
We will be anxiously awaiting updates on possible access Friday/Saturday; Marlene, like every other resident, is very anxious to see her house.
If this access were allowed, is it known if refrigerators or freezers could be emptied?

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