Hi All. Lynne and I bailed out just minutes before the fire hit our home. On the way down our driveway Lynne saw the Caglarcan property in flames. The fire had reached the west bank of SC creek as we extracted Juanita Doran and Dorothy Basden

We are safe but house is destroyed. Our gardener sneaked up yesterday and today showed me three short cell phone videos.. the 2nd and third floors burnt and fell into the 1st floor foundation. The wall you can see is the only cmu part of the house. From the videos nothing looks salvageable.FFrom the photos it seems the fire came from above and below our house.
Amazing is the flower bed Eugenio and I planted on Saturday, maybe 40 ft below the house. All plants survived and the bark much seems undisturbed.
Stay safe dear friends and we will keep in touch via this chain

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