List of Issues and Concerns regarding the MPV project as proposed
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Glenn & Judy Schreuder | Apr 29, 2014

Below is a list of the major concerns we have discussed to include in
communications to the neighborhood and at the neighborhood meeting.

We invite and encourage everyone to please add any additional concerns you may
have, as we would like to formulate a comprehensive list to provide to the
developer PRIOR to the public hearing date. Your input and support is greatly

1) Overall size/scope of the project is NOT commensurate with the rural location
(i.e. overall project size, gallons permitted, enormous caves, large buildings,
everything must be downsized).

2) Increased worker and visitor traffic to MPV will (a) increase risk for accidents,
(b) cause further deterioration of the already poorly maintained roadway (c)
impede evacuation in the event of a fire.

3) Fire Safety: Increased traffic, tour buses, may cause fires. Is alternate fire
egress through Antica a practical solution in the event of a fire?

4) Tasting Room Hours must be more limited: MPV is currently proposing to be
open until 6pm. Any visitor center in such a remote location should be closing no
later than 4:00pm.

5) Noise from late night marketing events. Limit the marketing events hours. MPV
is currently proposing to stay open until 10pm for these events which is
unacceptably late.

6) Reduce the number of permitted guests. Number of permitted guests and
hours of visitor center operation should align closely with the permit of another
nearby winery operation.

7) Current proposed winery entrance location on the heavily used gravel road is
fundamentally dangerous and should be moved to be on Soda Canyon Road.

8) Water availability and stream pollution concerns. The sheer size of proposed
MPV operation may potentially cause surrounding wells to go dry.

9) Environmental concerns: Removal of dirt and rock to build 65,000 Square Feet
(SF) of underground dirt and placement of said dirt on the MPV property will
create environmental hazards for the creek (i.e. silt into the creek, harm fish and
other wildlife). This could also create water pollution issues for neighbors and the
downstream water supply for the town of Yountville.

10) Dust concerns: Creation of dust during long construction period may adversely
impact neighbors' animals, crops, and health.

11) Precedent: The approval of this project sets a bad precedent that will pave the
way for several other large scale wineries to be established on Soda Canyon Road.
Thank you to all of those who were able to attend the neighborhood meeting to
show your support. We appreciate your efforts and look forward to working with
all of you as this project progresses. For everyone, including those who were not
at the meeting, please do not hesitate to contact us with questions and other
concerns, as we very much encourage the input and support from everyone in our
Soda Canyon community, as well as the greater Napa community, that will be
adversely affected by the MPV project and other, future projects of similar size.

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