[Email sent to the Napa County Planning Commissioners]

Dear Commissioners,

I am writing this personal email to inform you that my familly and I are very concerned and ultimately against the proposed Mountain Peak Vineyards, LLC use permit #B14-00226 on Soda Canyon Road.

We live on Loma Vista Drive and have lived there since 1981. We already witness and worry about how dangerous and how 'highway-like' Soda Canyon road can be at certain peak times during the day. Especially in reference to the vineyard crews that drive in every morning forming a huge caravan of cars racing up Soda Canyon road and then exiting that same day. Additionally during the harvest time , Soda Canyon Road becomes very dangerous with huge trucks loaded with tons of wine grapes racing up and down Soda Canyon Road.

Not only is traffic one of our concerns regarding the proposed use permit, the amount of water that the proposed winery will use is a huge concern. There is only a certain amount of water in these springs and aquifers and most residents and vineyards on Soda Canyon and Loma Vista Drive all tap into these water resources via well. We have been farming and growing grapes on our ranch for 27 years and could not make a living at all if we were to run out of water. Our grape vines would surely die because we are a terraced hillside vineyard that requires irrigation. Since the proposed use permit is of a huge gallonage it will likely use a lot of water for not only its vineyard operations but for the winery operations as well . It seems that it will definitely jeopardize everyone's water availability and their wells.

I think that a winery of this size does not fit in with the image and the actual capacity of Soda Canyon. I am begging you not to approve this use permit because we will likely run out of water in Soda Canyon and Loma Vista road and the road can't handle that amount of traffic.

Thank you

[Response from John McDowell, Deputy Planning Director, Napa County Planning, Building and Environmental Services Department (707) 299-1354]

Thank you for the correspondence. I am forwarding this to Shaveta Sharma, who is managing the project processing for the Planning Division, and she is familiar with all of the details of the proposal. Correspondence to the Commission will be included in the Staff Report Packet provided to the Commission a week prior to the public hearing. Shaveta will know when this project may be scheduled for hearing. I have also include Melissa Frost who clerks our Commission meetings including distribution of correspondence.

Thank you

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