Rural Napa/Sonoma impact awareness evening
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Geoff Ellsworth | Nov 9, 2015

Dear Friends of the Wine Country

Rural Napa and Sonoma wine country, including the Russian River and Sonoma Coast areas, and their residents are facing serious challenges and impacts from an accelerated surge in high intensity commercial wine tourism.

This tourism surge is creating overwhelming impacts to the environment and our residents, including threats to water supply, breakdown of infrastructure and zoning protections as well as encroachment on schools from pesticide use and wine tasting proximity.

Please come and/or invite others who might have an interest to a special gathering in San Francisco November 20 at 6 pm to learn more about how citizens from these counties (including many in the wine business) are working together to preserve the rural nature and environment of these areas and the health and safety of everyone who lives or visits here.

Friday November 20 at 1390 McAllister Street, San Francisco, the private residence of Richard Ervais, at 6 pm for good food, wine, dialogue and more information about action to preserve these precious and unique areas of the Bay Area.

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